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  • Affiliation: MDC -A
  • Chamber: National Assembly
  • Constituency: SOUTHERTON
  • Gender: Male







Gender                        :          Male


Date of Birth   :          05/04/1971


Place of Birth    :        Mberengwa


Title                 :          Mr


Status              :          Married 


House              :          National Assembly     


Contact Details


Home Address:      Sycamore Road Lochinvar Harare         


Cell Number:         0772469139

Landline Number:    N/A

Email Address This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Academic Qualifications (institutions Attended and qualifications attained)


Primary:           Nyororo Primary

                        Danamombe Primary School


Secondary:        Kambuzuma High 1


Tertiary/ University

Ø   Internal Audit St World Consultancy

Ø  M and M Consultancy  Paralegal Certificate

Ø   Industrial Relations at ZIPAM

Ø  Conduct Human Resources- ZIPAM

Ø  Industrial Relations- Institute of Directors

Any other Forms of Training


Ø  Trade Unionist

Ø  Internal Auditor- St World Consultancy

Ø  Alderman : Harare City Council

Ø  NEC Harare City Council Undertaking Board Member for 7 yrs

Ø   City Parking Independent Board Chairman for 5 years

Ø  Highlanders Foot Ball Club Member

Ø  Harare City Football Club Board of Trustees


Parliamentary Career


Elected to be a Member of Parliament for Southerton Constituency in 2018-2023


Political History

Ø  Former member of ZAPU

Ø  Joined MDC at its inception


Career in General

Ø  Transport, Risk and Liaison Manager  at Caps Holdings and QV Pharmacy

Ø  Served as Councilor for City of Harare for 10 years

Ø  Trade Unionist

Ø  HumanResources


Areas of Interest

Ø  Local Government

Ø  Soccer/Sport