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Gender                        : Male


Date of Birth   : 01 October 1945


Place of Birth  : Plumtree


Title                 : Ambassador


Status                :  Married


House              :  Senate


Contact Details


Home Address; 29 Stonechat Lane, Borrowdale Harare


Cell Number    : 0772979310


Landline Number: N/A


Email Address :  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



Academic Qualifications (institutions Attended and qualifications attained)


Primary                      : Sanzukwi Primary School (Plumtree)



Secondary       : Fletcher High School (Gweru)



Tertiary/ University    :

Ø  University of Zambia (Diploma of Social Studies)

Ø  Makerere University –B A of Social Sciences

Any other Forms of Training

Various Military Training Courses including Intelligence in the then German Democratic Republic (GDR)           


Parliamentary Career

Ø  1990 – 1995 MP Buliliima Mangwe South

Ø  1995 -2000 MP Mangwe

Ø  2001 -2009 Ambassador – South Africa


Political History

Ø  1961YouthMember National Democratic Party

Ø  1962 –Member of ZAPU

Ø  1963-Member of P.C.C.

Ø  1967-(Liberation Struggle)

§  Member of ZAPU Central Committee

§  Member of the Revolutionary

§  Council

§  Member of PF-ZAPU Central Committee

Ø  Have been Minister in Government from 1992 -2000 and then from 2009 to 2018

Ø  1987 Member of United ZANU PF

Ø  Member of the Central Committee

Ø  Member of the Politburo

Ø  National Chairman of ZANU PF,Currently member of Politburo

Ø  ZANU PF Spokesperson.

Areas of Interest

Ø  Politics

Ø  Sports