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  • Affiliation: Zanu-PF
  • Chamber: National Assembly
  • Constituency: MAKONDE
  • Gender: Male


     ZANU PF


Gender                        :   Male


Date of Birth   :   13/08/1963


Place of Birth  : Mwenezi


Title                 :  Mr


Status                :  Married


House            : National Assembly


Contact Details


Home Address: Wamambo Farm

                            Box 73, Mhangura


Cell Number    : +263 776 458 684


Landline Number:

Email Address : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Academic Qualifications (institutions Attended and qualifications attained)

Primary            : Hombwe Primary School


Secondary       :  Moleli High School


Tertiary/University     :

Ø  University of Zimbabwe  (DPA)

Ø  Berlin Free University (Germany) - BA Journalism

Ø  University of Cambria (U.K) MA-Media Studies


Any other Forms of Training:

Ø  Zimbabwe Institute of Mass Communications (Journalism and Mass Communication)

Ø  International Institute of Journalism (Germany) Diploma in New Agency Journalism


Parliamentary Career   :  

Ø  National Assembly since 2003

Ø  Chairman for Foreign Affairs Committee 2013-2018

Ø  Portfolio Committee on Transport and Communications (2003-2005)


Political History:

Ø  War collaborator

Ø  1990 to 1998 executive member of Hombwe district

Ø  1999-2001 Headed the Secretariat of the ZANU PF millennium presidential fundraising committee

Ø  1998 Deputy Secretary for Information and Publicity

Ø  2001 Mashonaland West Provincial executive as Deputy Secretary for Economic Affairs.

Ø  Secretary for Gender and Culture in 2002


Career in General: 

A Journalist by proffession

Commercial farmer and businessman

Areas of Interest:

Ø  Media

Ø  Foreign Affairs