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  • Affiliation: Zanu-PF
  • Chamber: Senate
  • Constituency: Mash East
  • Gender: Male








Gender                        : Male


Date of Birth   :30 \ 03 \ 1944


Place of Birth :Marowa Village, Chihota, Marondera


Title                 : Dr


Status                : Married


House              : Senate



Contact Details


 Home Address:31Honeybear Lane




Cell Number    :0712800034, 0772 437 660


Landline Number:


Email Address : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

                            This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Academic Qualifications (institutions attended and qualifications attained)


Primary: Chivake Primary School   

                Sub A to Standard 3

                Mahusekwa School Standard 4

               Waddilove Institution Standard 5  

                  and 6


Secondary       :Goromonzi Secondary    

                       School Form 1 – Form 3


Tertiary/ Univesrity

Ø  MB ChB :  University of Lund, Sweden.

Ø  Diploma in Tropical Medicine: Karolinska Institute, Stockholm Sweden




Any other Forms of Training


Military Training Chimoio, Mozambique



Parliamentary Career

Ø  Member of National Assembly 1980 – 2015

Ø  Member of Senate 2015 – 2018

Ø  Re-elected in 2018


Political History

Ø  Expelled from Goromonzi on 27 June 1961 for political activities against the Smith Regime.

Ø  Refused to be taught by white teachers who were in the Rhodesian Police Reserve which was notorious for suppressing black people. Left the country on 27 December 1961 and got a scholarship to study in Czechoslovakian March 1962.

Ø  Left Checkoslovia for Sweden in 1964. Completed Secondary Education and studied Medicine at Lund University.

Ø  Left Sweden to work as Senior House Officer, Department of Surgery, University Teaching Hospital, Lusaka Zambia 1975-1976.  

Ø  Joined the Chimurenga war in Mozambique 1977 as Deputy Secretary for Health.

Ø  Was active in the mobilization of support for Chimurenga both as a Student leader and ZANU PF representative in Sweden.

Ø  Member of ZANU PF Politburo.


Career in General

Ø  Minister of Lands, Resettlement and Rural Development (April 1980 – 23 February 1982)

Ø  Minister of State for Defence (1982 – January 1984

Ø  Minister of Health (January 1984 – January 1988)

Ø  Minister of State Security (January 1988 – 2000)

Ø  Minister of Mines and Energy (8 August 2001 – 24 August 2001)

Ø  Minister of Defence(August 2001 – February 2009)

Ø  Minister of State Security (February 2009 – 31 July 2013)

Ø  Minister of Defence (11 September 2013 – November 2017)

Ø  Senator (30 July 2018-  2023)


Areas of Interest

Ø  Politics

Ø  Sports

Ø  Healthy promotion

Ø  Socio Economic Development of Zimbabwe