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Hon. Toffa Jasmine

  • Affiliation: MDC -A
  • Chamber: National Assembly
  • Constituency: Bulawayo Metropolitan
  • Gender: Female







Gender                        : Female


Date of Birth   :11/12/1964


Place of Birth  : Kwekwe


Title                 :  Ms


Status                :  Divorcee


House              :  National Assembly




Contact Details


Home Address           :28 Marimba Road,Matshemhlope, Bulawayo


Cell Number    :  +263 782 745 859


Landline Number: N/A


Email Address : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



Academic Qualifications (institutions Attended and qualifications attained)


Primary                      : Grade 7 Trenance Primary and McKeurtain Primary School



Secondary       :Founders High School-Bulawayo



Tertiary/ University    :



Any other Forms of Training   :

Ø  Secretarial Course Pitmans  Speciss College

Ø  Book keeping Intermediate

Ø  Typing Intermediate ( Shorthand)


Parliamentary Career:

Proportional Representation MP since 2013   to date - Bulawayo Metropolitan




Political History   :

Ø  MDC member since 1999

Ø  Bulawayo Provincial Treasurer- MDC - 1999


Career in General:

Ø  Sales Representative at Vita foam PVT Ltd 1994-1999

Ø   Sales and Marketing Executive at Ply foam 1999-2007

Ø  ZDDT- Provincial Development Officer 2011-2013

Ø  R. Chitrin and Company Sales Secretary  1990-1993


Areas of Interest

Ø  Health

Ø  Mining

Ø  Environment

Ø  Youth and Women

Ø   Community Service