Full names:  Gumbo Agency

Constituency:  Hatcliffe


Political Party: CCC


Nick name: 


Gender:  Male


Date of Birth:  21/10/90


Place of Birth:  Beitbridge


Title: Advocate 


Marita status:  Married


House: National Assembly


Contact Details


Home Address:  3453 Arkwood Road Mabelreign


Cell Number:  0775954437


Landline Number: 0242762588


EmailAddressag@coriousnco.com/ Presidenetgumbo12@gmail.com

Facebook: Agency Gumbo

Twitter:  @agencygumbo


Skype:Agency Gumbo


Academic Qualifications


Primary:  Dulibadzimu Primary Beitbridge


Secondary: Lundi Christian High Masvingo


University: University of Zimbabwe



Any Other Forms of Training


Parliamentary Career


Political History

Over 10 years involvement in politics


Career in General

Established Legal Practitioner


Additional Information


Areas of Interest


Home Affairs

Local Government

International Relations



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