Full Names: Makaza Faith                                                  Academic Qualifications

                                                                                               Primary: Zunga School – Masvingo


Constituency:  Mwenezi-Chivi PR                                     Secondary: Kushinga High School- ‘O’ Level                 

Political Party: ZANU PF                                                  University:                                                             


Nick Name                                                                           Any Other Forms of Training


Gender: Female                                                                     Parliamentary Career

                                                                                                    Joined Parliament in 2023

Date of Birth: 27/04/1962                                                   Political History           

                                                                                            ZANU PF Central Committee Member

Place of Birth: Mwenezi                                                     Career in General


Title: Mrs                                                                              Additional Information                                                                                                                                      

Marital Status: Widow                                                       Areas of Interest

House: National Assembly                                                  – Current affairs


Contact Details


Home Address: Mavende School

                          P/Bag 9109




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