Full names: Masuku Elizabeth


Constituency: Bubi/Umguza


Political party: ZANU PF




Gender: Female


Date of Birth: 17/03/86


Place of Birth: Bubi


Title: Ms


Marital status:


House: National Assembly


Contact Details


Home Address: Stand No. 164 Ntabazinduna Umguza


Cell Number: 0773457067


Landline Number:


Emailaddress:elizabethmasuku2018@gmail.coFacebook: N/A





Academic Qualifications


Primary: David Livingstone Grade 1-7


Secondary:  Nhlambabaloyi Form 1-4




Any Other Forms of Training

  • Professional Diploma in Government and Leadership


Parliamentary Career


Political History




Career in General

  • Farmer


Additional Information


Areas of Interest: Politics, Church



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