Full Names: Ndlovu Rittah


Constituency: Bulawayo Metro


Political Party: CCC


Nick Name


Gender: Female


Date of Birth: 03/09/57


Place of Birth: Bulawayo


Title: Ms


Marital Status: Single


House: Senate


Contact Details


Home Address: 12015 Nkulumane Byo


Cell Number: 0772 360 382

0712 544 860


Landline Number: 292 4870 34


Email Address:Rittahndlovu@Gmail.Com






Academic Qualifications


Primary: Pelandaba SDA Aand Mhall Primary School


Secondary: Luveve Secondary School Rjc

Foundation College O’ Level




Any Other Forms of Training


Parliamentary Career



Political History

  • ZAPU Youth
  • MDC 1999
  • Currently CCC


Career In General

  • Secretary
  • Clerk National Union Of Clothing Industry


Additional Information


Areas Of Interest

  • Dealing With People And Children Living With HIV And Cancer

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