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No. 3






















Quarter past two o’clock p.m

The Deputy Speaker in the Chair




Members Present

Beremauro G;

Bimha M C;

Budha - Masara

Bunjira R

Chakona P

Chamisa N

Chapfika D

Chibagu G

Chibaya A

Chidhakwa S

Chigudu M

Chigumba C C.

Chikomba L

Chikukwa M

Chimanikire G

Chinanzvavana C

Chingosho C.P.M

Chinomona M M

Chinotimba J

Chipanga K

Chipato A

Chirisa F

Chisorochengwe T.

Chitembwe V J

Chitura L

Chivamba K

Chiwa D

Chiwetu J Z

Cross E G

Dhewa  W

Dutiro P.

Dube S

Dziva T M

Gabbuza J.G.

Gangarahwe G.

Goche N

Gonese I.T

Gumbo E.

Gwanetsa K K

Gwanongodza E

Guzha N.K.

Hlongwane M

Holder J

Hungwa  G

Hungwe O.S.

Jaboon J

Kachepa N

Kadungure D A

Kagonye P

Kanhanga E W

Karoro D

Katsiru L.

Kaundikiza M

Kazembe K

Khanye N

Khumalo M

Kwaramba G

Langa A

Mabuwa C

Machingauta C

Machingura R

Mackenzie I

Madanha M

Maduza T.

Madondo T

Madubeko J

Madzinga P

Mahiya M

Mahoka S

Majome F J

Makoni R R

Makonya J

Makunde T

Makweya M

Mandipaka O

Mandiwanzira S C

Mangami D

Mangwende S

Maondera W

Mapiki J

Marumahoko R

Masamvu L

Mashange W

Mashonganyika D

Masiya D

Masuku P

Matambanadzo M

Matangaidze T

Matangira T R

Mataruse P

Matienga M

Matimba K M

Matiza B J

Matsunga S.

Matuke L

Mavenyengwa R

Mawere M D V

Mawere M RN S

Maziwisa P.

Mguni N.

Mhere E

Mhlanga N J

Mhona F T

Misihairambwi P M

Mkandla M

Mlambo W B.J;

Mlilo N.

Mombeshora D T

Moyo L

Mpala M.

Mpariwa P

Mpofu B

Mpofu O M

Mpofu R

Mpofu S

Mtingwende T

Muchenje M S

Muchinguri O

Mudambo T

Mudarikwa S

Mudau M

Muderedzwa R

Mudzuri E

Mudyiwa M.

Mufunga A

Mugidho M.

Mukanduri S T

Munochinzwa M

Musabayana D.

Mukupe T.

Mukwangwariwa F G

Mukwena R

Munochinzwa M.

Mupereri V.

Mupfumi I F

Murai E

Musanhi K S

Mushohwe C

Musundire A L

Musvaire W

Mutomba W

Mutseyami P C

Muzenda T M

Muzondiwa E S

Ncube A

Ncube D M

Ncube G M

Ncube H

Ndebele A

Ndhlovu Alice

Ndhlovu  Annastancia

Ndlovu D M;

Ndlovu N

Nduna D

 Nguni S R

Nhambu B.

Nhema C F.D.;

Nkatazo M M

Nkomo Mail

Nkomo Malachi

Nleya L

Nyamupinga B B

Nyanhongo M

Nyere C

Paradza K

Passade J

Pedzisai I

Phiri F P

Rudzirwayi J M

Runesu B

Rungani A

Ruvai E

Samkange J T

Sansole T W

Saruwaka T J.L.;

Seremwe B.

Shamu W K

Shava J.

Shongedza E

Sibanda D

Sibanda D P

Sibanda K.

Sibanda L

Sibanda M

Sibanda Z

Sithole G K

Sindi C

Tarusenga U  D

Thembani S Z

Toffa J

Tongofa M

Tshuma J.

Tsomondo C

Uta K.

Vutete M

Wadyajena J M

Zemura L

Zhou P

Zhou T

Ziyambi Z

Zvidzai S

Zwizwai M   





























Printed by Order of the House


Absent with leave


1.      Questions without notice

2.      Hon. Maondera, seconded by Hon. Gonese moved that Questions without Notice be extended by twenty minutes.

Motion put and agreed to.


3.      Questions with notice

4.      On the motion of Hon. Matuke, seconded by Hon. Gonese: The House adjourned at twenty four minutes past four o’ clock p.m.




 Deputy Speaker.









the minister of industry and COMMERCE: Bill seeks to repeal and replace the National Incomes and Pricing Act [Chapter 14:32] and to provide for the establishment of the National Competitiveness Commission and to provide for its functions and management. – National Competitiveness Commission Bill ( H.B. 6,2016)




1.      Recommital- Committee: Special Economic Zones Bill, (H. B. 15A, 2015) - The Minister of Finance and Economic Development.


2.      The Minister of environment, water and climate


THAT WHEREAS,  section 327 of the Constitution of Zimbabwe provides that any convention, treaty or agreement acceded to, concluded or executed by or under the authority of the President with one or more foreign states or governments or international organizations shall be subject to approval by Parliament;


WHEREAS Zimbabwe ratified the convention on Biodiversity on 9 February 1995;


WHEREAS the conference of the Parties adopted the Nagoya Protocol on Access to Genetic Resources and the Fair and Equitable Sharing of Benefits Arising from their utilisation of the convention on Biodiversity, at its 10th meeting held on 29 October 2010, in Nagoya, Japan.


WHEREAS the aforesaid Protocol entered into force on 12 October 2014, 90 days after the date of deposit of the fiftieth instrument of ratification as stipulated under paragraph 1 of Article 33;


WHEREAS Zimbabwe is not signatory to the Protocol;


AND WHEREAS Article 33(2) of the Protocol provides that its entry into force for states which are not signatory to it, is conditional upon such States depositing instruments of accession;


NOW THEREFORE, in terms of section 327(2) of the Constitution of Zimbabwe, this House resolves that the aforesaid Protocol be and is hereby approved for accession.


3.      Adjourned debate on motion in reply to the presidential speech. (Adjourned 11th October 2016 - The Deputy Minister of Local Government, Public Works and National Housing)


[Time elapsed: 1 hour 30 minutes]


Question proposed:  That a respectful address be presented to the President of Zimbabwe as follows:-


May it please you, your Excellency the President:


            We, the Members of Parliament of Zimbabwe, desire to express our loyalty to Zimbabwe and beg leave to offer our respectful thanks for the speech, which you have been pleased to address to Parliament.- Hon. Nyamupinga


4.      Hon. Mandipaka

 Hon. Muderedzwa


              That this House-


             AWARE that Zimbabwe is a peace loving nation;


DISTURBED by recent acts of violence and terror on innocent people by opposition political parties;


             WORRIED by vicious attacks on police officers and security agents;


CONCERNED by the looting and destruction of property and infrastructure in Greater Harare;


NOW THEREFORE calls upon Parliament to resolve to:


a)      Strongly condemns political parties perpetrating acts of violence on our nation.

b)      Calls upon the Government of Zimbabwe Republic Police to arrest all those rowdy youths involved in acts of violence and to facilitate their prosecution;

c)      Asks the Minister of Home Affairs to make a statement on the state of affairs with regards to recent political violence and to assure the nation of its safety and security.


5.      Hon. Gonese

Hon. Sibanda D.S.


That this House:


NOTING the unanimous adoption of the SADC Model Law on eradicating Child Marriage and Protecting Those Already in Marriage at the SADC PF in Ezulwini, Swaziland on the 3rd of June 2016,


ACKNOWLEDGING that the Model Law addresses all the issues and matters related to and incidental to rights and concepts relating to the Child,

prohibition of child betrothal and marriage, as well as measures and interventions to mitigating the effects of child marriage, offences and enforcement;


RECOGNISING that the Draft Model Law can be adopted with minimal changes to constitute a holistic, comprehensive and all –embracing legislation dealing with the subject matter,


DESIROUS that child marriages must be ended as a matter of urgency.


NOW THEREFORE, calls upon the Minister of Justice, Legal and Parliamentary Affairs to forthwith introduce this Model Law to Parliament so that it becomes part of Zimbabwean law with suitable changes.


6.      Hon. Dr. Mataruse

Hon. Machingura


That the motion on Biotechnology, which was superseded by the end of the Third Session of the Eighth Parliament be restored on the Order Paper in terms of  Standing Order No. 72.


7.      Hon Misihairabwi –Mushonga

Hon. Toffa


That the motion on regional equality, which was superseded by the end of the Third Session of the Eighth Parliament be restored on the Order Paper in terms of Standing Order No. 72.


8.         Committee of Supply.




            WEDNESDAY, 19TH OCTOBER 2016









*1.       Hon. Ncube H.:  To ask the Minister of Public Service, Labour and Social Service whether the Ministry has any plans to assist workers who were retrenched at ZISCO Steel in Redcliff town with food aid since they lost a source of livelihood.


[Deferred on 12th October, 2016]


*2.       Hon. Ncube :.  To ask the Minister of Industry and Commerce to state when the ministry intends to resuscitate ZISCO Steel.


[Deferred on 12th October, 2016







By The Minister Finance and Economic Development


SECTION 56 (1)


  1.  Deletion of the phrase “Labour Act [Chapter 28:01] and the” in section 56 subsection (1) of the Bill; and


  1. The insertion of a new paragraph after section 5 subsection


(i)                 Paragraph (d) of the Bill to read as follows:


(e)  One shall be appointed from the Ministry responsible for Public Service, Labour and Social Welfare.


In terms of 131(7) of the Constitution the Speaker, without delay, is required to convene a sitting of the national Assembly to consider the Bill and cause the Bill to be presented to His Excellency, the President of the Republic of Zimbabwe, without delay, for assent and signature.


National Assembly Votes NATIONAL ASSEMBLY VOTES 12 OCTOBER 2016 NO 03