Background Information


The name ‘Journals” comes from the bound Votes and proceedings of Parliament signed by the Speaker of the National Assembly in the case of the National Assembly and by the President of the Senate in the case of the Senate.


Purpose of the Department

The Journals Office prepares and maintains an accurate and complete record of all documents relating to the Business of Parliament and all its Committees and keeps the Public well informed about Parliamentary Business in accordance with Parliamentary Practices and Procedures through timeously attending to all inquiries at the very moment of receiving them.

Departmental Structure

The Journals Office is under the Journals and Procedurals Services Directorate headed by the Deputy Clerk. The Journals Director is commonly referred to as the Assistant Clerk. The Office is further manned by the Committee Clerks and a Departmental Secretary.


Business of the Journals Office

  • Produces and electronically circulates Votes and Proceedings of every Plenary Sitting of Parliament
  • Processes all Bills and Acts that are brought before Parliament
  • Receives, circulates – electronically-, and records all reports that are tabled in Parliament
  • Provides procedural, technical and information services to all Hon. Members of Parliament on Parliamentary Business
  • Provides information on parliamentary business to members of the public and to internal and external stakeholders
  • Facilitates the processing of questions and drafting of motions that are brought in by Hon. Members.
  • Facilitates the tabling of treaties in Parliament that are received from Ministries from time to time
  • Distributes copies of Standing Rules and Orders, and the Constitution of Zimbabwe to all Members of Parliament and other stakeholders.