Journals and House Procedures 


  1. The Directorate of Committees, Journals and House Procedures has a mandate to facilitate the core business of Parliament through the provision of effective procedural, administrative and decision support systems to Parliament and its Committees.
  2. The Directorate advises the Speaker, the President of the Senate and all Members of Parliament on matters relating to Parliamentary Practice, Law and Procedure.
  3. More specifically, the Directorate proffers competent procedural advice to Parliament, its 19 pre-audit Portfolio Committees, 6 Thematic Committees, the post audit Public Accounts Committee and any other ad hoc Committee as may be appointed from time to time.
  4. The Directorate has two Departments namely Journals and House Procedures and Hansard. These two Departments are headed by a Deputy Clerk who is assisted by an Assistant Clerk and Director responsible for each of the Departments.


All enquiries about the Directorate should be submitted to

Enquiries relating to the Journals and House Procedures Department can be directed to while those relating to the Hansard can be directed to