Parliament of Zimbabwe Procurement Management Unit (PMU)

Parliament of Zimbabwe Procurement Management Unit is responsible for managing Parliament of Zimbabwe procurement activities in accordance with the Public Procurement and Disposal of Public Assets Act [Chapter 22:23] and Public Procurement and Disposal of Public Assets  Regulations, 2018. Among its function the Procurement Management Unit (PMU) plans the procurements; secures the adoption of appropriate procurement method; prepares bidding documents and notices; manages the bidding process and evaluation of bids; supervises the Evaluation Committee; prepares reports, awards   and manages contracts. In executing its function, it ensures that Parliament of Zimbabwe procurement is effected in a manner that is transparent, fair, honest, cost-effective and competitive. It also ensures that competition is promoted among bidders and there is fair and equitable treatment of all bidders, leading to procurement contracts that represent good value for money. Apart from this, it also promotes the integrity of, and fairness and public confidence in, procurement processes; and secures the implementation of sustainable procurement that focuses on people, planet and profit.


PMU Mission

The mission of the PMU is to support the purpose and goals of the Parliament of Zimbabwe— in protecting the Constitution, making laws for good governance, effectively representing the people and holding the executive and public institutions to account — by procuring and providing quality goods, services and works at competitive prices and delivering responsive and responsible service to all Parliament of Zimbabwe departments.


The PMU achieves its mission through: 

  • Dedication to excellence in customer service,
  • Providing avenues of access to businesses,
  • Processing orders in a timely manner,
  • Streamlining operations,
  • Pursuing cost savings,
  • Identifying new sources of supply,
  • Developing relationships with small, minority-owned, and women-owned vendors,
  • Complying with all statutory requirements of Zimbabwe and best practices such as  the Constitution of Zimbabwe (Section315), Public Procurement and Disposal of Public Asset Act [Chapter 22:23], SI 5 of 2018, SI 193 of 2022,  Official Secrecy Act [Chapter 11;09], Public Finance Management Act [Chapter 22:19], ISO Standard 9001:2015, Zimbabwe Corporate Governance Code


PMU Vision

Parliament of Zimbabwe Procurement’s vision is to set a standard of excellence when dealing with internal and external clients, promote efficient procurement processes to facilitate the Parliament of Zimbabwe mission and create outstanding value for the Institution.


Unless otherwise stated, the Procurement Division is the only Parliament of Zimbabwe department authorized to commit funds for the acquisition of goods, services or works and is the initial point of contact for service contracts and agreements.


Parliament of Zimbabwe PMU Staff

The department is headed by the Director who reports directly to the Clerk of Parliament. There are currently 4 procurement officers who report to the Director.