The Human Resources Department’s mandate is to ensure that the institution’s most critical resource, people, are optimally managed through the continuous fusion of both local and international best practices. The Department falls under the purview of the Human Resources and Administration Directorate and is headed by a Human Resources Director who reports to the Chief  Director, Human Resources and Administration.

To this end, the Administration of Parliament’s management of activities are results-based and hence the adoption of the balanced scorecard management tool. This entails:-

  1. Meeting current and ever changing needs of our internal and external customers through the people factor.
  2. Continually developing and nurturing an ethical work culture that ensures that both individual and organizational goals are fully achieved.
  3. Providing a challenging, fulfilling and rewarding work environment.


The purpose of the department entails developing, reviewing and implementing current and future human resources strategies, systems and procedures in support of the core activities of the institution. This encompasses advising and assisting line managers and staff alike on all key aspects of human resources management best practices.

The broad functions therefore include:

  • Recruitment, selection and monitoring of the staff establishment
  • Employment relations management
  • Facilitating staff training and development
  • Implementing and monitoring the Performance Management System
  • Management of employee records
  • General employee welfare management
  • Talent and diversity management
  • Consolidation of institutional human resources monthly, quarterly and annual reports
  • Preparation of human capital statistics for senior management packs
  • Administering human resources policies, procedures and conditions of service