The Research Department falls under the Information Services Directorate and works exclusively for Presiding Officers, all Members and Committees of the Parliament in support of their legislative, oversight and representational functions.



  • Meet the information needs of MPs on Topics under debate.

Researchers assist individual Members of Parliament with Motions notes for presentation in the House following, for example, the presentation of the State of The Nation Address by His Excellency, The President, to Parliament.

  • Provide Research Services to Portfolio /Thematic Committees of Parliament.

Each Portfolio /Thematic Committee has a dedicated Researcher who attends to the research needs of the committee and also attends all Public Hearings as part of the Committee secretariat. The Researcher carries out research on issues that are under investigation by the committee.

  • Prepare Fact Sheets.

The Research Department prepares Fact Sheets to assist Members with summarized information which are easy to understand and remember. These Fact Sheets are concise information briefs dealing with topical socio -economic, political and other issues of relevance to society.

  • Prepare Bill Digests.

The department analyses and prepares short briefs about a bill before it is tabled in the House, in order to equip Members of Parliament with the scope and subject matter of the Bill in advance.

  • Maintain and Update the Informatics Data Base.

The Informatics Database contains socio-economic profiles for all the 210 Constituencies in the country (CONSTITUENCY PROFILES). The information highlights variables such as the number of schools, clinics, dip-tanks, and other socio-economic variables in a given constituency. This information is regularly updated to assists MPs in development planning as well to debate in the House from an informed position.

  • Prepare Background Papers.

Researchers’ key role of improving information delivery to members finds expression primarily through their preparation of background papers necessary for MPs to participate in various national, regional and international conferences. These background papers are comprehensive briefs covering a diversity of topics and subjects depending on the various themes for the conferences at which Parliament participates.

  • Write Research Papers.

The department writes research papers on various topics or thematic issues that would benefit Members of Parliament and their constituencies.

  • Prepare Policy Briefs.

The department prepares briefs on the various topical issues. These assist Members in their oversight function and to raise evidence- based motions necessary to influence policy.

  • Draft Speeches for Presiding Officers of Parliament.
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