Our values:

  1. Professionalism
  2. Dedication
  3. Confidentiality
  4. Commitment
  5. Impartiality
  6. Professionalism


Organizational Structure

  • The Directorate is headed by Chief Director of Finance who reports to the Clerk of Parliament who is the Accounting Officer of Parliament
  • Below the Chief Director is the Chief Accountant who heads the Accounts Department.
  • Below the Chief Accountant are Principal Accountants who have Accountants and Assistant Accountants reporting to them.

Functions of the Directorate

The Directorate is responsible for the control of Parliament Finances with emphasis on ensuring implementation and compliance with laid down regulations and statutes.

The functions include:

  1. Processing of Members of Parliament’s and Officers’ subsistence and travel allowances on foreign and local Parliament business;
  2. Payment of all creditors who provides goods and services to Parliament;
  3. Together with Sergeant -At -Arms and Security Departments keep, in safe custody of Assets of Parliament;
  4. Managing Members of Parliament Motor Vehicle Revolving Fund;
  5. Preparing Final Accounts for submission to Comptroller and Auditor General and Ministry of Finance using Public Financial Management System (PFMS);
  6. Implementing audit recommendations and responding to any observations by both Internal and External Audit;
  7. Facilitating implementation of Parliamentary Constituency Information Centres activities by processing required financial resources e.g. payment of telephone bills, stationery and office accommodation rentals.
  8. Attending to Members of Parliament’s welfare issues related to Parliamentary business.

Guiding Legislation

The Directorate derives its mandate from the following regulations/legislation:

  1. Audit and Exchequer Act (Chapter 168 )
  2. Treasury Instructions
  3. Parliamentary Pensions Act(Chapter No. 7 of 1989 )
  4. Parliamentary Salaries, Allowances and Benefits Act (Chapter 2:10)
  5. Relevant Statutory Instruments
  6. Circulars on administrative and financial matters issued by Office of the President and Cabinet, Ministry of Finance and Public Service Commission;
  7. Members’ Traveling and Subsistence Regulations;
  8. Officers’ Traveling and Subsistence Regulations.