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This bill promotes the national vision for Zimbabwe to become an upper middleincome economy by 2030. The bill also seeks to ensure that Zimbabwe’s education,
Innovation, Research and development is translated into industry that provides jobs
and opportunities through the exploitation of natural resources. To achieve this, the
bill establishes the administrative framework for the promotion of Innovation and
Industrialisation. In particular the individual clauses of the bill are as follows:
Provides for the short title of the bill.
Clause 2
Provides for the interpretation of terms used throughout the bill.
Clause 3
Provides that the Act applies to all higher and tertiary educational institutions,
that is to say universities, teachers’ colleges, polytechnic colleges, industrial training
colleges, vocational training centres and institutions that undertake research and
Clause 4
Provides for object of the Act
Clauses 5 and 6
Provide for the establishment of the Centre for education, Innovation and Research
Development, (hereinafter called the centre) and the functions and powers of such
centre respectively.
Clause 7
Provides for the establishment of the Council for the Centre which acts as the
administrative framework of the Centre.
Clause 8
Clause 8 provides for the procedures of appointing the Chief Scientist who acts
as the Chief executive officer of the Centre.
Clause 9
Provides for the delegation of the Centres functions to the Provincial institutes
which are managed by boards consisting of the Principal Scientists and two other
Clause 10
Provides for the appointment of the principal Scientist who shall report to the
Chief Scientist.
Clause 11
Provides for the delegation of authority to any person generally or specially
authorised to enter into or execute contracts on behalf of the Centre.
Clause 12
Provides for the manner in which reports may be submitted to the Minister.

Clauses 13 and 14
Provide for the Centres fund and the manner in which surplus funds may be
Clause 15
Provides that the Financial year of the Centre coincides with the calendar year.
Clause 16
Mandates the centre to keep book of accounts. This clause also provides that the
centre must submit audited books of accounts to the Minister.
Clause 17
Provides for the appointment of the auditors for the Centre who shall audit the
books of accounts for the centre and make appropriate reports to the Minister and the
Centre on their findings.
Clause 18
Provides for the powers of the auditors which include power to access all relevant
documentation among other powers.
Clause 19
Provides for the manner in which all proceeds may be charged to the centre’s
revenue account.
Clause 20
Provides for power of the Chief Scientist to administer the fund on behalf of the
Clause 21
Provides for Ministers power to issue policy directions to the Centre and
whereupon the Centre is mandated to take appropriate steps to follow such directions.
Clause 22
Provides for Councils power, subject Ministers approval, to make regulations.

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