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Explanatory MEMoranduM

 This Bill seeks to provide for the establishment of the Institute of Chartered Loss Control and Private Security Managers, to provide for the establishment of a Council; and to provide for matters connected with or incidental to the foregoing. The proposed law introduces professional best practices in loss control and private security management occupations, in particular, the individual clauses provide as follows—

Part I

 Clause 1 provides for the short title of the Bill. Clause 2 provides for interpretation of terms used in the Bill. Clause 3 provides the application of the Act; while Clause 4 sets the objects of the Bill.

Part II

 Clause 6 affords the opportunity for the establishment of the Institute of Chartered Loss Control and Private Security Managers which shall be a professional association and body corporate capable of suing and being sued in its own name. The functions of the Institute are listed in Clause 7, which includes liaising and collaborating with its members in practice, in business and in employment in accordance with its mandate. The Institute shall be managed and directed by a body known as its Management Council. The Management Council shall consist of thirteen members as set out in Clause 8 and shall function in accordance with Clause 9. For the day to day administration of the Institute the Council shall appoint an Executive Secretary who shall be assisted by officers the Council considers necessary as given in Clause 11.

Part III and Part IV

 The register of loss control and private security managers and application for registration are provided for in Clauses 12 and 13 of the Bill respectively. While Clauses 14, 15, 16 and 17 provide for the manner in which a person may become a member; annual general meetings; extraordinary meetings and that the Institute shall publish a Code of Conduct that directly addresses the professional conduct of loss control and private security managers.

Part V and Part VI

 Part V contains two clauses, Clause 18 provides for the funds of the Institute; which shall be managed by the Treasurer and subject to audits in terms of Clause 19.

 Part VI contains a reciprocity clause which provides that, where any country, specified by the government by notice in the Gazette, prevents citizens and residents of Zimbabwe from becoming members of any institution similar to the Institute or subjects them to unfair discrimination in that country, no subject of any such country shall be entitled to become a member of the institute or practice the profession of loss control and management in Zimbabwe under the name of the institute.

 Clause 21 provides that the Minister after consultation with the Council, may make regulations providing for all matters which by this Act are required or are permitted to be prescribed or which, in his or her opinion, are necessary or convenient to be prescribed in order to carry out or give effect to this Act.

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