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No. 24
















Quarter past two o‟clock p.m The Speaker in the Chair




Members Present



Baloyi A,

Beremauro G,

Bhasikiti K,

Bhebhe A,

Bimha M.C

Chaderopa F Chambati T.S

Chamisa N

Chanetsa P.T.

Chebundo B

Chibaya                  A

Chidhakwa W.K

Chikava B,

Chikwinya S,

Chimanikire G,

Chimbetete W.M

Chimhini D.A,

Chininga E.T.C,

Chinomona M.M

Chinyadza W

Chirongwe R,

Goto R

Gumbo J.M

Gwiyo C.C Haritatos P

Hlongwane M

Jembere E

Jiri M

Kachepa                 N

Kagurabadza M.T

Masaiti E Mashakada T

Masukume N.P.S

Matamisa              E.E

Matibe T.P

Matibenga L.G


Matimba T

Matinenga E.T


Matutu T




Mguni N

Mhandu C

Mhashu F.G

Mhlanga A

Mkhosi E.T.M

Mlambo M.M

Mlilo O.S

Mnkandla T





Kapesa R

Katsande A

Kay J.I.H

Khumalo M,

Khumalo N.M,

Khumalo S.S,

Khumalo T

Kumalo M




Madzimure W

Mafios I.D

Mahlangu T

Mahoka S

Majome F.J

Makone T.M


Mandebvu N.T


Mangena J

Mangwana M.P


Maramba P.H







Chitima A,

Chivamba K,

Cross E.G

Denga P


Dongo G.Z

Dube C.R.E

Dumbu F




Dzirutwe G

Gabuza J.G

Garadhi S

Goche N.T

Gonese I.T



Mombeshora D.T Moyo G.

Moyo R

Moyo S

Mpariwa P

Mpofu N

Mpukuta                   L

Muchauraya P

Muchena O. N

Mudarikwa S

Mudau M

Mudavanhu E

Mudenge I.S,

Mudiwa S

Mudzuri H

Maramwidze E H

Mare M

Marima E

Muguti C

Mukonoweshuro E

Munengami             F

Mungofa P.T

Munjeyi                  G

Mushonga S.L

Musumbu E

Musundire          A.L

Musvaire W

Mutambara A

Mutasa D.N.E

Mutsekwa G.T

Mutseyami C.P

Muza I

Mwonzora D.T

Mzembi W

Navava E

Shoko H

Shoko M


Sibanda D.S

Sibanda F.M

Sindi C

Sithole A

Sululi A


Tazviona R

Tshuma B

Varandeni J

Zhanda T.P

Zinyemba M

Ziteya K.S








Ncube S

Ndava R

Ndebele G

Ndhlovu A

Nemadziva N

Nezi W

Ngwenya B

Nhema             C.D.F

Nkomo S.S

Nyakudanga O

Nyamande J Nyamudeza S

Nyamupinga B.B

Nyaude B

Pemhenayi C.F

Raradza E

Sai S

Sansole T.W

Saruwaka T.J.L

Shirichena E




Printed by Order of the House


Absent with leave

Langa A.

Masukume NPS

Mlilo O.S Zhanda P.


  1. The Speaker informed the House that Hon. Members were invited to an augural Tourism Stakeholders Conference on 25 and 26 March 2009 at the Harare International Conference Centre at 900 hours.


  1. Hon Gonese, seconded by Hon D.S. Sibanda moved: That


DEVASTATED by the tragic and untimely death of Susan Nyaradzo Tsvangirai the wife of the Prime Minister of Zimbabwe, the Right Honourable Morgan Richard Tsvangirai.


SADDENED by the loss of a dear companion and a pillar of strength to the Right Honorable Prime Minister.


NOTING that the loss was felt by the whole nation, which showed unity of purpose in mourning the loss of a woman who was a symbol of hope and inspiration to all Zimbabweans.



Conveys its profound condolences to the Right Honourable Prime Minister, the Tsvangirai and Mhundwa families.


Expresses its deep sorrow and sadness at the tragic and unexpected loss of life.


Takes this opportunity to celebrate the life of a woman who went through trials and tribulations in support of her husband and the cause he stands for.


FURTHER takes this opportunity to express its appreciation for the role that she and other women have played behind the scenes in furtherance of the careers of their husbands.


Motion put and agreed.


  1. On the motion of the Deputy Prime Minister, Hon Mutambara: The House adjourned at five minutes to four o‟clock p.m.



















HON. MLAMBO: To ask the Minister of Youth Development, Indigenisation and Development to explain:

I)        government policy concerning the youth who were employed by government during the run off elections for campaign purposes; and  II)           whether the youth are on the government payroll.



HON MLAMBO:  to ask the Minister of Justice and Legal Affairs what the Ministry is doing about prisoners who are dying of hunger and cholera in Chipinge Prison.


HON. MUCHAURAYA:  To ask the Minister of Justice and Legal Affairs whether he is aware that in March 2009 inmates at the Mutare Remand Prison spent more than five days in cells with dead bodies and to outline the measures taken to ensure that such incidents do not recur.


HON MLAMBO:  To ask the Minister of Education, Sports, Arts and Culture to explain what the Ministry is doing about the shortage of teaching aids/implements in schools.


HON MLAMBO:  To ask the Minister of Lands and Rural Resettlement to explain government policy concerning white farmers who have one farm each.


HON NYAMUDEZA:  To ask the Minister of Agriculture, Mechanisation and Irrigation Development when the farmers in the Middle Sabi should expect payment for their wheat sold to the grain marketing board in 2007.



HON MUDARIKWA:  To ask the Minister of Mines and Mining Development to explain whether he is aware:-

I)     that diamond miners have to wait six months to be granted authority to export their diamonds.

II)   that the US$3 000 and US$12 000 currently charged by the ministry per quarter and annum respectively for export permits have affected the small sector most because they cannot afford to pay these amounts.



HON MADZIMURE: To ask the Minister of Mines and Mining Development to explain:

I)     the circumstances surrounding the engagement of the army by; government to drive out illegal miners at chiadzwa diamonds fields and the high handed manner in which the army handled the situation;

II)   whether there were any casualties and if so, how many lives were lost; and

III) who is now legally mining diamonds at chiadzwa and how much diamond production is realized per month.

*9. HON MUDIWA:  To ask the Minister of Mines and Mining Development to explain:


  1. the issue surrounding the relocation of the people of Chiadzwa since the governor of Manicaland has been quoted in the press as having visited the area and given them a deadline to vacate the area by may 2009;
  2. whether an environment impact assessment has been done for the proposed mining area according to section 97 of the environmental management act and whether stakeholders were consulted;
  • whether an explanation was given to the people of Chiadzwa as to why they have to be; and
  1. whether there is a feasibility report dealing with the effect of the intended relocation showing the impact on the education and culture of the people and how the issue of compensation is going to be addressed.


HON KAGURABADZA: To ask the Minister of Mines and Mining Development whether the Ministry:

i)        is aware that Redwing Mine in Penhalonga, a gold mine operated by Metallon Gold of Zimbabwe, has closed down due to flooding as the water pumps at this mine are malfunctioning or cannot be repaired and new ones have not been bought because the RBZ is alleged to have withdrawn money from the mine‟s Foreign Currency Account (FCA) and did not reimburse it; ii)      can confirm when this money is going to reimbursed; and

iii) can inform the House if there are measures in place to ensure that over 1000 employees who were laid off get their retrenchment packages.



HON. MUCHAURAYA: To ask the Minister of Mines and Mining Development to inform the House whether the relatives of the eighty-three diamond panners who were allegedly buried in two mass graves in Dangamvura, Mutare, in 2008 were notified of the burial.


HON NYAMANDE:  To ask the Minister of Finance to explain what people of Makoni Central should do with their old bank notes that have been made obsolete by the introduction of new bank notes as they feel that they have been prejudiced of their hard earned cash.
*13. HON MADZIMURE:  To ask the Minister of Finance to:-


  1. inform this House whether an independent audit of the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe‟s activities vis-à-vis the distribution of farm mechanization equipment and agricultural inputs will be carried out; and
  2. furnish this House with the names of the beneficiaries of the Reserve

Bank of Zimbabwe‟s farm mechanization and input distribution schemes.


*14.     HON. F.M. SIBANDA:  To ask the Minister of Finance to state:-

  1. i) the measures that were put in place to prevent abuse of the USA$ 100 vouchers given to civil servants as allowances; and
  2. II) if any corrective measures have been taken against Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe employees who were given USA$ 100 allowance since they are not civil Servants.


*15. HON. KAGURABADZA: To ask the Minister of Finance to inform the House which standard currency should be used in the preparation of final Accounts or closing statements for 2008 and 2009.


*16.     HON NYAMANDE:  To ask the Co-Ministers of Home Affairs whether in the light of a general amnesty granted to all civil servants and other skilled

workers who are in the diaspora, there are any government guarantees to bankers and those operating foreign based radio stations and on-line newspapers that they will not be arrested when they come back to re-build Zimbabwe.



HON MADZIMURE:  To ask the Co-Ministers of Home Affairs to explain why Zimbabwe has not ratified the UN Convention against Torture.


HON MADZIMURE:  To ask the Co-Ministers of Home Affairs whether the Ministry approves the alleged torture of suspects as a means of getting confessions, if not, why suspects are still being tortured and evidence obtained through such means used in court.


HON. NYAMANDE:  To ask the Co-Ministers of Home Affairs to inform the House whether there has been any progress made in apprehending the gunmen who shot and killed Farai Gambe in Vhengere Township- Rusape, during the run-up to the June 2008 run off elections.


HON. MUCHAURAYA:  To ask the Co-Ministers of Home Affairs to explain why police in Zimbabwe arrest people in order to investigate whereas in other countries police investigate in order to arrest.


HON MADZIMURE:  To ask the Minister of Defence to inform the house what happened to guns that were allegedly issued for campaign purposes to retired army officers and war veterans during the period 29 march 2008 to 30 June 2008.


HON. F.M. SIBANDA:  To ask the Minister of Defence to state:-

i)                the correct position of the Defence Forces regarding the political order

as signed on 15th September 2008 and the measures the Ministry is taking to ensure that the entire Defence Forces uphold the Global Political Agreement (G.P.A).


ii)              the steps the Ministry is taking to protect junior soldiers from unwarranted threats by their Commanders for supporting the new political order as signed on the 15th September 2008.



HON. NYAMANDE:  To the Minister of Defence whether the service Chiefs still maintain that they will not salute the Prime Minister, Hon. Morgan Richard Tsvangirai and to explain their absence during the swearing in of Prime Minister by His Excellency, the President.


HON MADZIMURE:  To ask the Minister of Information Communication Technology to explain:

I)     why in this modern world it is still difficult to get sim cards when in other SADC countries sim cards can be bought in tuckshops;

II)   why sim cards are more expensive than air time; and

III) why the rates are more than five times higher than in other countries given that air time is purchased in stable currencies.

*26. HON. F.M. SIBANDA:  To ask the Minister of Water Resources Development and Management to explain:-

i) what plans, strategies and resources the Ministry has put in place to develop a sustainable water supply for drought stricken Matebeleland Region;

  1. what strategic information the Ministry has on the Matebeleland Zambezi Water Project Trust which seems to have died a natural death after huge sums of money were collected from the Province and other well-wishers in the form of donations and subscriptions;
  • what action the Ministry would take to enforce the High Court order which compels the leadership of the Matebeleland Zambezi Water Project Trust to publish its accounts for the benefit of all people who subscribed or donated to the project; and
  1. how far ZINWA has responded to the government directive to hand over water and sewer management to the respective local government authorities, and in particular, Gokwe Town Council.




HON. MUCHAURAYA: To ask the Minister of Water Resources, Development and Management when the people of Makoni South will eventually have access to the water at Osborne Dam since it is not benefitting the local community.
*28. HON.KAGURABADZA: To ask the Minister of Higher and Tertiary Education whether he is aware that the RBZ is alleged to have withdrawn some money from the Africa University‟s Public Sector Management Programme‟s Foreign Currency Account (FCA) and did not reimburse the University resulting in the stalling of the programme and if he could inform the House when the money would be refunded so that the programme can resume its normal operations.









APPRECIATING that agriculture is the back bone of the economy of Zimbabwe,


ACKNOWLEDGING that the issue of food security for all Zimbabwe is a priority for the all inclusive government,


 REALISING that the distribution of inputs which is basically a civilian function was not  done in a fair and transparent manner.


DISMAYED that endemic and debilitating corruption has plagued the input distribution programme,


REALISING that agricultural production has been adversely affected by lack of forward planning and timeous provision of agriculture inputs,




  1. The inputs for the 2009/2010 agricultural season be distributed to disadvantaged rural farmers by the end of July 2009;


  1. That a completely transparent system of distribution of agricultural inputs be put in place,


That all elected officials, namely councilors and Members of Parliament who are the trustees, of the people, be actively involved in the input distribution programme.




EXPRESSES its profound sorrow on the untimely death of Retired General Zvinavashe on the 10th of March 2009,


PLACES on record its appreciation of the service which the late Retired General rendered to his people, Parliament and the nation, and


RESOLVES that its deepest sympathy be conveyed to Mrs Zvinavashe and family.


  1. Adjourned debate on motion in reply to the Presidential Speech (Adjourned

18th March 2009 – The Deputy Prime Minister, Hon Khupe) 


[Time elapsed: 11 hours 59 minutes]

Question proposed


That a respectful address be presented to the President of Zimbabwe as follows:-


May it please you, your Excellency the President:


We, the Members of Parliament of Zimbabwe, desire to express our loyalty to Zimbabwe and beg leave to offer our respectful thanks for the speech, which you have been pleased to address to Parliament - Hon Mazikana.


  1. Adjourned debate on motion on the postponement of the opening of schools from the 13th to the 27th of January 2009 (Adjourned 18th March 2009 – The Deputy Prime Minister, Hon Khupe)


[Days elapsed: 4]


Question proposed:  That this House-


WORRIED by the postponement of the opening of schools from the 13th of January 2009 to the 27th of January 2009;


CONCERNED by the uncertainty surrounding the education sector as manifested by the delay in the marking of Grade 7, „O‟ and  „A‟ Level examinations and the threat by teachers not to go back to work unless their demands are met;


SHOCKED by the unwarranted interference in the operations of “Trust” schools and other private educational institutions;


ALARMED by the failure of those who claim to be in charge to find answers to the crisis in the educational sector which resulted in most students failing to attend lessons in 2008;


DISTURBED by the fact that this situation may deteriorate in 2009;


            NOW, therefore, calls upon those responsible to take a holistic approach and find solutions to the crisis – Hon Mhashu.


  1. Adjourned debate on motion on the structural dislocation of Zimbabwe‟s economy (Adjourned 3rd March 2009- The Minster of Defence)


[Days Elapsed: 4]

Question proposed: That this House-


CONCERNED WITH the structural dislocation of Zimbabwe‟s economy, macroeconomic dysfunctionality and the pervasive levels of failure by the state.


DISTURBED BY the high levels of poverty, unemployment and suffering of the people of Zimbabwe.


CONCERNED BY the collapse of the public education, public health and public transport infrastructure in the country.


FURTHER CONCERNED BY the deeply seated humanitarian crisis, the absence of the rule of law, the food crisis and the extent of deprivation and want by our people.


ALARMED BY the high levels of corruption, looting, avarice, asset stripping, patronage and clientelism prevalent in the country.


CONCERNED BY THE militarization and politicization in the distribution of food.


FURTHER CONCERNED by the deliberate indifference to the crisis by those in control.




  1. i) To express its strong concern to the responsible authorities and urge all concerned to direct their energies towards the rebuilding of Zimbabwe.


  1. i) To call for the crafting of policies to address these challenges being faced by Zimbabweans- Hon Biti.


6.         HON. GONESE              HON. MAJOME


COMMENDING the people of Zimbabwe on a fairly decent election on 29 March 2008.


CONCERNED by the reports of alleged murder, torture, rape, arson and looting that took place after the harmonized elections of 29 March 2008.


FURTHER CONCERNED by levels of lawlessness, abuse of the rule of law and abuse of state institutions in this violence.



A select Committee of Parliament be appointed to investigate the violence that took place after the March 28 elections and report its findings to Parliament.



(Additional Estimates of Expenditure (2008) - 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28 and 29).














HON. GWIYO: To ask the Minister of Finance to inform the House which vote of the 2009 Budget caters for the Prime Ministers Office.
*2. HON. GWIYO: To ask the Co-Ministers of Home Affairs to inform the House when the documents and computers allegedly taken by the police and the AntCorruption Commission from Chitungwiza Municipality last year would be returned to the Council and to disclose the outcome of that investigation.


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