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No. 41
















Quarter past two o’clock p.m The Speaker in the Chair




Members Present



Baloyi A,

Beremauro G,

Bhasikiti K,

Chaderopa             F

Chambati T.S

Chebundo B

Chidhakwa W.K

Chikava B,

Chikwinya S,

Chimanikire G,

Chimbetete W.M

Chimhini D.A,

Chininga E.T.C,

Chinomona M.M

Chinyadza W

Chirongwe R,

Chirume O

Chitando J

Chivamba K,

Cross E.G

Denga P

Dokora          L.D.K

Dongo G.Z

Dzingirai                I

Dzirutwe G

Garadhi S

Gonese I.T

Goto R

Gumbo J.M

Gwiyo C.C

Hove S.R

Jembere E

Jiri M

Kachepa               N

Kagurabadza M.T

Muguti C

Munengami           F

Mungofa P.T

Munjeyi                 G

Mushonga S.L

Musumbu E

Musundire         A.L

Musvaire W

Mutseyami C.P

Muza I

Mwonzora D.T

Navava E

Ndambakuwa F

Nezi W

Nkomo S.S

Nyakudanga O

Nyamande J Nyamudeza S

Nyamupinga B.B

Nyaude B

Nyoni S.G.G

Raradza E

Rutsvara R

Sansole T.W

Saruwaka T.J.L

Shoko H

Shoko M

Sibanda F.M

Sindi C

Sithole A

Zhuwao P

Ziteya K.S

Ziyambi W.Z

Kapesa R

Karenyi L

Kay J.I.H

Khumalo N.M,

Khumalo S.S,

Kumalo M



Madzimure W

Mafios I.D

Mahoka S

Makamure R


Mangena J

Maramba P.H




Maramwidze E H

Mare M

Matamisa          E.E

Matibe T.P

Matienga M Matshalaga O

Matutu T

Mavima            L.D

Mazikana P.H

Mkhosi E.T.M

Moyo R

Moyo S

Mpariwa P

Mpofu N

Mpukuta L

Mudarikwa S

Mudzuri H



Printed by Order of the House

Absent with leave

Chanetsa P

Chidhakwa W

Dube C.R.E

Langa, A

Huruba, T

Khumalo T

Madubeko J

Masukume NPS

Mhandu C

Mombeshora D T Ndebele G.


  1. The Speaker recognised the presence in the Speaker’s Gallery of the following Speakers from the SADC Region: Hon Prince Guduza Dhlamini, Speaker of the National Assembly of Swaziland and Chairperson of the SADC Parliamentary Forum; Hon N. Makinda, Deputy Speaker of the National

Assembly of Tanzania and Deputy Chairperson of the SADC Parliamentary Forum; Hon Theo-Ben Gurirab, Speaker of the National Assembly of Namibia and President of the Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU); Hon Max V. Sisulu, Speaker of the National Assembly of South Africa, and Hon J.M. Lourenco, First Vice President of the National Assembly of Angola and a Member of the Executive Committee of the SADC Parliamentary Forum.


  1. The Speaker announced that ZANU (PF) Party has made changes to Portfolio Committee Membership due to clashes of the meeting days. The following is the revised list:



Hon Mlilo

Hon Chinomona

Hon Mahoka

Hon Raradza

Hon Zhanda

Hon Katsande

Hon Sai



Hon. Zhanda

Hon Matshalaga

Hon Beremauro

Hon Khumalo

Hon Ndava

Hon Mukanduri

Hon Kanzama



Hon Mangami

Hon Madubeko

Hon Chihota

Hon Mupukuta

Hon Haritatos



Hon Sindi

Hon Mukanduri

Hon. Ndlovu A

Hon Chirongwe

Hon J.M. Gumbo

Hon Chanetsa

Hon Muza




Hon Ziyambi

Hon Kachepa

Hon Nyamupinga

Hon Maramba

Hon Parirenyatwa

Hon Chikava

Hon Chivamba

Hon Masukume



Hon. Mangena

Hon. Rtd Major C. Mhandu

Hon Huruba

Hon Ziteya

Hon MafiosHon

Hon Mutinhiri

Hon Chaderopa



Hon Mutomba

Hon. Mavima

Hon. Kanzama

Hon Chihota

Hon Madubeko

Hon Matshalaga

Hon Sithole



Hon Mangwana

Hon Matiza

Hon Mutinhiri

Hon Mangami

Hon Parerenyatwa

Hon Kapesa

Hon Muza



Hon. Nyakudanga

Hon Samkange

Hon Baloyi

Hon Kapesa

Hon Maposhere

Hon Musvaire

Hon Mudau



Hon Hlongwane

Hon Baloyi

Hon Matonga

Hon Mudarikwa

Hon Mandebvu

Hon Ziyambi

Hon Sibanda



Hon Musvaire

Hon Chindori-Chininga

Hon. Dzingirayi

Hon Maposhere

Hon Mudarikwa

Hon Katsande

Hon Navaya

Hon Munjeyi

Hon Haritatos



Hon Mazikana

Hon Sibanda

Hon Bhasikiti

Hon Nyambakuwa

Hon Mahoka

Hon Chitima

Hon Kachepa

Hon Chinomona




Hon Chikava

Hon Mangena

Hon Bhasikiti

Hon Sai



Hon Zinyemba

Hon Madau

Hon Mabhiza

Hon Goto

Hon Chivamba



Hon Mupukuta

Hon Ngwenya

Hon Ndambakuwa

Hon Mbwembwe

Hon Shirichena

Hon Sindi



Hon Zhuwao

Hon Ndhlovu

Hon Khumalo

Hon Mafios



Hon Mutomba

Hon Zhuwao 

Hon Zinyemba

Hon Mbwembwe

Hon Ngwenya

Hon Maposhere

Hon Muza



Hon Ziteya

Hon Mushore

Hon Ndava

Hon Mavima

Hon Maramba

Hon Mlilo



Hon Nyakudanga

Hon Mandebvu

Hon Baloyi

Hon Mushore

Hon Huruba

Hon Raradza

Hon Chanetsa



Hon. Goto

Hon. Chitima

Hon Shirichena

Hon Navaya

Hon Sithole

Hon Nyamupinga

Hon Dzingirayi Hon Masukume


  1. Hon Gumbo, seconded Hon Madzimure moved: That Order of the Day No. 1 for today, stands over until Order of the Day No. 9 has been disposed of.


Motion put and agreed to.


  1. Adjourned debate on motion in reply to the Presidential Speech (Adjourned 16th June 2009 – The Deputy Prime Minister Hon Khupe)


[Time elapsed: 13 hours 04 minutes]          Question again proposed


That a respectful address be presented to the President of Zimbabwe as follows:-


May it please you, your Excellency the President:


We, the Members of Parliament of Zimbabwe, desire to express our loyalty to Zimbabwe and beg leave to offer our respectful thanks for the speech, which you have been pleased to address to Parliament - Hon Mazikana.


Motion put and agreed to.


  1. Adjourned debate on motion on the death of Hon. Kombayi (Adjourned 28th July 2009- The Minister of State Enterprises and Parastatals)


[Day Elapsed: 1]

Question again proposed:  That this House:


APPRECIATING the great sacrifices made by the various nationalists in the

struggle for independence of Zimbabwe;


APPLAUDING the role played by the late Patrick Kombayi in the struggle for political, social and economic justice for this country before and after independence;


GRATEFUL for his selfless dedication for the cause of the majority of our country; and


CONVINCED that any criteria applied in selecting a national hero would easily have picked out the late Hon Patrick Kombayi for the position;




  1. EXPRESSES its gratitude and appreciation for the heroic services rendered by the Hon Member in the quest for a free Zimbabwe; and
  2. CONVEYS its heartfelt condolences to the widow of the late Patrick Kombayi, his family and relatives- Hon Chibaya.


Motion put and agreed to.


  1. Adjourned debate on motion on the selective application of the law by the Attorney’s Office (Adjourned 28th July 2009- Hon Gonese)


[Day Elapsed: 1]

Question again proposed:  That this House:


That this House:


CONCERNED with the arrests, prosecutions and convictions of MDC Members of Parliament and other activists;


DISTURBED by the selective application of the law;


ANGERED by the subjective role of the Attorney General and the continuous invocation of Section 121 of the Criminal Procedure and Evidence Act.


FURTHER DISTURBED by a clear and deliberate policy of whittling down the MDC majority in the House of Assembly.


             THIS HOUSE

  1. Unreservedly condemns the unwarranted “convictions” and continuous selective application of the law;
  2. Calls for the immediate withdrawal, reversal and quashing of all convictions or pending prosecutions; and
  • Calls for the appointment of an Independent Parliamentary Select Committee to investigate the prosecution and conduct of the Attorney General in all politically motivated prosecutions- Hon T. Matutu.


Motion put and agreed.


  1. Adjourned debate on motion on addressing poverty in the rural areas

(Adjourned 14th July 2009- Hon J.M Gumbo)

[Day elapsed: 2]


            Question again proposed: That this House-


SHOCKED by the levels of abject poverty that perpetually assail the inhabitants of communal areas;


CONCERNED by the fact that 70% of the national population live in these poverty stricken areas and yet 95% of them have little or no income to meet their basic needs;


AWARE that past governments have perennially failed to economically empower communal dwellers preferring instead to issue food hand-outs;


EXTREMELY DISTURBED by policies of past governments, which

concentrated on erecting social infrastructure whilst ignoring the critical role of productive investment in the development process;


ALARMED that economic dualism and the vicious cycle of poverty pervading the communal areas is being exacerbated by the persistent failure of the Government to initiate policies and programmes to redress the same;


FURTHER AWARE that the combined effect of over-population, lack of economic opportunities, and poor incomes, have catalysed a self-reinforcing process of environmental destruction in rural areas, in general, and communal areas in particular;


FURTHER CONCERNED by the deliberate indifference to the plight of communal people, and the parochial, puny and paternalistic policies enunciated by the institutions of government controlling the allocation of national resources;




  1. Calls upon Government to put in measures to eliminate the abject poverty debilitating the communal areas;
  2. Expresses its support for the initiation of policies and programmes aimed at eliminating the dual economic structure existing in Zimbabwe and to concomitantly integrate the communal areas into the modern economy; and
  • Requests the Portfolio Committee on Budget, Finance and Investment Promotion to undertake an urgent in-depth study and analysis of the problem, and recommends comprehensive measures which will ensure the allocation of the requisite material and human resources needed to extricate communal Areas from their state of underdevelopment- Hon Chinyadza.


Motion put and agreed to.


  1. Adjourned debate on motion on the report of the delegation to the SADC   Parliamentarians’ Policy Dialogue on Poverty and Social Transfers

(Adjourned 17th June 2009- The Deputy Prime Minister, Hon Mutambara)


[Day Elapsed: 1]

            Question again proposed: That this House


Takes note of the report of the delegation to the SADC Parliamentarians’ Policy Dialogue on Poverty and Social Transfers held in Johannesburg, South Africa – Hon Chimanikire.


Motion with leave, withdrawn.


  1. Adjourned debate on motion on the structural dislocation of Zimbabwe’s economy (Adjourned 16th June 2009- The Deputy Prime Minister, Hon



[Days Elapsed: 6]

Question proposed: That this House-


CONCERNED WITH the structural dislocation of Zimbabwe’s economy, macroeconomic dysfunctionality and the pervasive levels of failure by the state.


DISTURBED BY the high levels of poverty, unemployment and suffering of the people of Zimbabwe.


CONCERNED BY the collapse of the public education, public health and public transport infrastructure in the country.


FURTHER CONCERNED BY the deeply seated humanitarian crisis, the absence of the rule of law, the food crisis and the extent of deprivation and want by our people.


ALARMED BY the high levels of corruption, looting, avarice, asset stripping, patronage and clientelism prevalent in the country.


CONCERNED BY THE militarization and politicization in the distribution of food.


FURTHER CONCERNED by the deliberate indifference to the crisis by those in control.




  1. To express its strong concern to the responsible authorities and urge all concerned to direct their energies towards the rebuilding of Zimbabwe.


  1. To call for the crafting of policies to address these challenges being faced by Zimbabweans- Hon Biti.


On the motion of the Minister of Water Resources Development and Management: Debate adjourned until to Tuesday, 1st September 2009.


  1. The Minister of Minister of Water Resources Development and Management moved: That Notice of Motion No. 8 for today, stands over, until Order of the Day No. 9 has been disposed of.


Motion put and agreed to.


  1. On the motion of the Minister of Minister of Water Resources Development and Management: The House adjourned at four o’clock p.m. until Tuesday, 1st September 2009 at a quarter past two o’clock in the afternoon.

L.N.M. Moyo










THAT WHEREAS subsection (1) of Section 111B of the Constitution of Zimbabwe provides that any convention, treaty or agreement acceded to, concluded or executed by or under the authority of the President with one or more foreign States or Governments or international organisations shall be subject to approval by Parliament;


AND WHEREAS the SADC Protocol on Finance and Investment was signed by His Excellency the President on 18 August, 2006, at Maseru, Lesotho;


AND WHEREAS the entry into force of the aforesaid Protocol is subject to ratification by the signatory Member States in accordance with their respective constitutional procedures;


NOW THEREFORE in terms of subsection (1) of section 111B of the

Constitution, this House resolves that the aforesaid Protocol be and is hereby approved for ratification.


2.         HON. GONESE              HON. MAJOME


 That this House-


COMMENDING the people of Zimbabwe on a fairly decent election on 29 March 2008.


CONCERNED by the reports of alleged murder, torture, rape, arson and looting that took place after the harmonized elections of 29 March 2008.


FURTHER CONCERNED by levels of lawlessness, abuse of the rule of law and abuse of state institutions in this violence.



A select Committee of Parliament be appointed to investigate the violence that took place after the March 28 elections and report its findings to Parliament – Hon. Gonese














HON. S. MOYO: To ask the Minister of Transport and Infrastructural


i)            how safe it is for Zimbabweans to use passenger trains in view of the serious signal problems faced by the NRZ; and

ii)          what plans the Ministry has regarding the hundreds of old wagons that have been lying idle at various railway stations countrywide over the years since they have been depreciating with time.

[Deferred: Wednesday, 17th June 2009]




HON. D. A. CHIMHINI: To ask the Minister of Transport and Infrastructural Development when the Jombe- Mutare road which starts from the Bvuma turn-off will be tarred since it is an important link and a shorter route to Mutare.


[Deferred: Wednesday, 17th June 2009]




HON. P. N. SIBANDA: To ask the Minister of Transport and Infrastructural

Development to inform this House whether the Binga-Karoi road is in the Ministry’s plans for tarring, as this route is shorter and therefore cheaper than the one that goes via Bulawayo.

[Deferred: Wednesday, 17th June 2009]



HON. CHITANDO: To ask the Minister of Transport and Infrastructural Development to state why the Topora – Chatikobo gravel road has not been maintained for more than 10 years a situation that has led to bus operators withdrawing their services from that area.

[Deferred: Wednesday, 29th July 2009]




Hon. D. A. Chimhini: to ask the Minister of Transport and Infrastructral Development:-
  1. i) to explain whose responsibility it is to maintain the gravel roads from

Honde Green Business Center to Rupinda via Ngarura, from Rupinda to Hauna Growth Point, from Hauna Growth Point to Headman Mandeya 2 via Lorretto, from Headman Mandeya 2 to Muterere, from Matondora to Katiyo, from Chikomba Business Centre to Sagambe to Pachije School and Chavanga School and Clinic and from Zindi Township to Samutete

School; and ii) if the Ministry can inform this House when these roads will be maintained because they have not been attended to for years and bus operators are not prepared to ply these routes.

[Deferred: Wednesday, 29th July 2009]






HON. NYAUDE: To ask the Ministers of State for National Healing to inform the House:

i)      whether  they are aware that on the 19th and 20th March 2009,  ZANU PF officials in Bindura South Constituency, namely, Matangira and Muzondo addressed rallies denouncing and rejecting the Global Political Agreement and the inclusive Government  and that these officials questioned the integrity of the three principals to the Global Political Agreement; and

ii)    whether any measures will be taken to ensure that people are not misled at rallies.

[Deferred: Wednesday 1st April 2009]

*7. HON. JIRI: To ask the Minister of Local Government, Urban and Rural


i)       why Rural District Councils have been allowed to operate year in year out without audited financial statements .e.g. Chikomba district councils last audited accounts were produced in 2003 or before;

ii)     what the Ministry is doing about the gross mal-administration in the running of council affairs, particularly by those of Chikomba Rural District Council where assets have been personalized and misappropriated for a period in excess of five years; and

iii)    what arrangements have been put in place to address the above concerns with the urgency they require.

[Deferred: Wednesday 13thApril 2009]





HON. S.L. MUSHONGA: To ask the Minister of Local Government, Urban and Rural Development to inform the House:

i.       what the Government policy is towards Housing co-operatives that purchased unserviced and undivided pieces of peri-Urban land since year 2000 in contravention of the Regional, Town  and Country Planning Act chapter 29:10 section 39;

ii.      if there is no Government waiver in the requirements of section 39 of the Regional, Town and Country Planning Act Chapter 29:10.

iii.    whether the Ministry is aware that unscrupulous property developers are trying to use this section to dishonor several contracts they entered up to the year 2000 to the detriment of several poor households who invested their savings in buying these unserviced and unapproved subdivisions; and

iv.    if the Ministry of Local Government Urban and Rural Development could come up with a Statutory Instrument to retrospectively regularize the above mentioned scenario.

[Deferred: Wednesday, 29th July 2009]



Hon. F.M.SIBANDA: to ask the Minister of Media, Information and Publicity to clarify:-

i)        when the Media Reform Bill will be tabled as it will enhance or facilitate qualitative fair and professional news gathering and reporting by the, Z.B.C and other state owned media houses; ii)   what the Ministry has done to correct the alleged “gutter and most

unprofessional” news reporting on the 13th of July 2009 on the unfortunate disruption of the first constitutional stakeholders conference by some known party activists and three Honorable Members of this House;


  iii)      what the policy of the Ministry is regarding to the G.P.A ie, hate speech in media bias reporting against some people, Members of

Parliament and Ministers on political or National issues;   iv)           why the Minister has disregarded ignored or not adhered to the recent High Court judgment about the illegality of the media information commission (M.I.C);

v)       when the Ministry shall open Air waves for other players to enhance competition leading to efficiency and competency among journalists and all media houses as agreed to by the three principals in the G.P.A as signed on the 15th September 2008; and vi)      if the Minister could confirm whether all journalists employed by the

State Media Houses are trained and qualified to facilitate reconciliation, integration and National Healing through the media.


[Deferred: Wednesday, 29th July 2009]

*10. HON.C.R.E. DUBE: To ask the Minister of Energy and Power Development:-

i)       what the Ministry’s policy on the refurbishment and rehabilitation of thermal power stations in urban centers apart from Hwange Power Station is; and

ii)     how much contribution to the national grid these thermal power stations would make if they were to be fully operational.


[Deferred: Wednesday, 17th June 2009]





HON. D. A. CHIMHINI: To ask the Minister of Health and Child Welfare:-

i)      what the ministry is doing about the constant electricity load shedding at Hauna district hospital which has a mortuary and theatre that go for hours on end without electricity since the hospital cannot afford to purchase diesel to keep the generator running; and

ii)    whether the ministry can proffer a possible solution to keep the hospital functioning properly.

[Deferred: Wednesday, 17th June 2009]




HON. N. MASUKUME: To ask the Minister of Health and Child Welfare to explain:-

i)      why the Ministry expels pregnant student nurses when the government has invested a lot of money from its coffers, an alternative should be found so as to retain manpower in the hospitals;

ii)    what the Ministry’s position is on buildings that were constructed but have gone for years without operating for example Munyamani clinic in

Mwenezi west Constituency; iii) the Ministry’s plans regarding the follow up on vapositori parents who do not send their children for immunization as these are at high risk of contracting infectious diseases; and

iv)what the Ministry is doing to alleviate the problem of shortage of ambulances in Mwenezi District.

[Deferred: Wednesday, 17th June 2009]

*13. HON. NYAMUDEZA: To ask the Minister of Health and Childwelfare :

i.          In view of the fact that Chipinge Hospital staff went on strike twice this

year in protest against corrupt administrative staff, what were the findings of the team that probed the incident;

  ii.           why those staff members who were arrested for the alleged corruption,

fraud, looting,  negligence of duty, abuse of office, diesel and government assets were released before investigation; iii.    if it is government policy to allow other workers to request for the release of their colleagues from police custody inorder for them to conduct investigations and audit; iv.   why is it that the investigating team comprised some relatives of the accused persons;

v.         if it is also government policy to allow some workers from the private sector to be accommodated in hospital residence at the expense of hospital staff; and iv. to inform the House what the results of the audit report conducted at Chipinge Hospital were.



HON. S.L. MUSHONGA: To ask the Minister of Health and Child Welfare:

i.            why Howard Hosipital in Mazoe Central has virtually become a referral hospital for patients from Harare and whether the Ministry is aware that with the dollarisation of the currency these urban patients are literally elbowing out rural people who cannot afford to pay US$10 to get a card;

ii.           whether the Ministry is aware that the donor funded distribution of ARV's and ancillary drugs to people living with HIV and AIDS is inadequate at Horward Hospital and as a result the patients go for months without the life prolonging drugs; and

iii.         when Rosa Government clinic in Mazowe Central would be accorded the referral status in order for it to distribute of the life prolonging drugs since it is centrally located, accessible and not congested by people from Harare.

*15. HON. M. SHOKO: To ask the Minister of Youth Development, Indigenisation and Empowerment:-

i)       to explain the logic behind the creation of youth zones in Chitungwiza; and

ii)     to elaborate whether the youths manning these zones earn a salary and explain the rationale of employing more people at a time when Government is struggling to pay teachers and nurses salaries.


[Deferred: Wednesday, 17th June 2009]


*16. HON. M. SHOKO: To ask the Co-Ministers of Home Affairs to inform this House:


  1. whether or not those who brutally murdered Yona Genti, Ngoni Waite,

Archford Chipiyo and an identified youth on 17 June 2008 near the Skyline Golf Club Compound (RRB No. 0333672) have been apprehended and to state the progress that has been made in bringing the culprits to book; and

  1. why the police have refused to release the post mortem results to Yona Genti’s parents.

[Deferred: Wednesday, 29th July 2009]


*17.     HON. C. SINDI:  To ask the Minister of Tourism and Hospitality to state:-


  1. why some small local tourist attractions, such as the Murehwa famous breathing mountains , the Gandavaroyi falls in Gokwe North District, the Chinhoyi Caves and many others around the country are not adequately developed to give local and international tourists a variety of tourist attractions to choose from; and
  2. if there is need to identify and rebrand such attractions in order to augment the inflow of the much needed foreign currency.


[Deferred: Wednesday, 29th July 2009]


*18.     HON. A. SITHOLE: To ask the Minister of Tourism and Hospitality what plans the Ministry has in terms of:

  1.        promoting the newly declared Tourism Development Zones such as

Chiredzi in the Great Limpopo Transformation Conservation Area; ii.         promoting cultural tourism as part of the strategy of Short Term

Economic Recovery Programme; iv. up grading Buffalo Range International Airport; and

  1. other packages that are in place for the South East Lowveld to take advantages of during the period leading to 2010 World Cup to be held in neighboring South Africa and the development of the Great Limpopo Transformation Conservation Area.


[Deferred: Wednesday, 29th July 2009]


*19.     HON. CHITANDO: To ask the Minister of Public Service to inform the House:

  1. ii) the number of people who were employed by the Ministry of Youth

Development, Indigenisation and Empowerment in March 2008; iii)       the policy and procedures which were used to employ the youths in the Ministry of Youth Development, Indigenisation and Empowerment in

March 2008; and iv)         the reasons why the employment documents for those who were employed by the Ministry of Youth Development, Indigenisation and Empowerment in March 2008 are being processed now when they had already been on the payroll.

[Deferred: Wednesday, 29th July 2009]


*20.     HON. L KARENYI: To ask the Minister of Justice and Legal Affairs whether the Ministry is aware that some prisoners at Mutare Remand Prison have spent two years or more in remand without trial and to state the plans being made to help them, as they have no resources to pay lawyers to represent them.


[Deferred: Wednesday, 29th July 2009]


*21.     HON. C.C. GWIYO: To ask the Minister of Finance to state the nature and quantum of Shabani Mashava Mine Debt to Government if any and to disclose how much the state has recovered and how much has been paid to the Administrator.


[Deferred: Wednesday, 29th July 2009]


*22.     HON. A. SITHOLE: To ask the Minister of Water Resources Development Management whether the Ministry is aware:

  1. that Chilonga Irrigation Scheme in Chiredzi, Masvingo Province has not been functioning since last year; and
  2. that ZINWA officials based in Masvingo took all the pumps at the Chilonga Irrigation Scheme on the pretext of repairing them but nothing has since been done and if the Ministry could inform the House what measures are being taken to remedy the situation.

[Deferred: Wednesday, 29th July 2009]




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