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SENATE HANSARD 18 November 2015 25-15


Wednesday, 18th November, 2015

The Senate met at Half-past Two o’clock p.m.





First Order read: Adjourned debate on great strides made by Government in raising literacy rates in the country.

Question again proposed.

*HON. SEN. MUSAKA: Thank you Madam President for giving me this opportunity to thank Hon. Sen. Goto for raising this important motion, seconded by Hon. Sen. Bhobho.  Not only do I commend the

Government since independence for the success in the education field.

True, when we talk of the highest literacy rate, in Zimbabwe we are not saying everybody having a degree, “A’ level or ‘O’ level, but at least in Zimbabwe the majority, about 96% or above, can read and write in the main languages, either Ndebele, Shona or English.  Madam President, this is commendable.

Madam President, this is an important topic.  I want to take it to a different and much higher level, in terms of employment. My contribution Madam President on the motion is that this should become another export product for Zimbabwe, just like I alluded to the same on sport.  The Government should continue to make every effort in creating and building more schools, both public and private, with the aim of making sure we produce the very best in academia, trades and in whatever our children do in the education field.  They should be exportable.  We should export educated people to work anywhere in the world and we should be well known for that.  It should become a brand.  We should not just end at congratulating the Government for having done so well after independence but for continuing to make every effort to make sure that well educated Zimbabweans are another export for Zimbabwe. We should export our graduates like what is happening in other countries like India where the graduates are excelling in IT, medicine, we hear of medical tourism to India.  We should actually aim to achieve that if not better.

Madam President, I really think this is important. I urge the Government to increase and give opportunities or facilities to individuals who want to create institutions of learning.  They must be given licences and opportunities to do that.  We should embrace both the philosophy of sponsored and contested mobility in education.  I thank you.


move that the debate do now adjourn.

Motion put and agreed to.

Debate to resume: Thursday, 19th November, 2015.



Second Order read: Adjourned debate on motion on the need to promote sports development in Zimbabwe.

Question again proposed.

      +HON. SEN. BHEBE: Thank you Madam President for the

opportunity that you have given me to add my voice on the issue of sports.  I want to thank the mover of the motion, Hon. Sen. Chimbudzi and the seconder Hon. Sen. Mumvuri.  We have been talking about how important sporting is in our country. I know we have talked a lot concerning all the sporting activities that we have in our country.

Sports say a lot to an individual and even to the country as a whole.  Those who have debated before me highlighted that because of sporting activities, a person would always be kept fit. We have different sporting activities in our country, for example soccer, netball, body building, et cetera and we have seen so many people getting involved in all these sporting activities in order to keep fit, it is one very important activity in our country.  When you take into consideration the sporting activities that we are doing; it also beautifies our country.

If we do our sporting activities well, like what the other Hon. Senators who spoke before me said, if only the Government could support all the sporting activities that we have in our country so that those who are involved in those sporting activities could benefit from that so as to develop and improve even the life styles of those who engage in sports.

One thing that I have realised concerning sports is that, even the children love all the sporting activities; therefore it is a sign that all the sports that we have in our country are very important.  You will find children trying to make handmade plastic balls so that they can play. If only we can put our ideas together as a nation and support all the sporting activities, so that those involved will get encouraged.

I have also realised that those people who are involved in sporting activities, are rarely found admitted in hospitals because they are always fit, hence are not easily attacked by diseases.  So, if only the Government could put a certain percentage, whether it is a dollar or whatever amount that can be deducted from our earnings so as to support sports. There is an AIDS levy, if we had money in our country, we could try by all means to support all the sporting activities that we have.  Those who are involved in sporting activities, especially the national teams, more often they have failed to undertake their games because of lack of funding whilst all the sporting activities are very important.

The Ministry of Sport and Recreation is one of the very important

Ministries that we have in our country for they help in keeping one’s body fit.  We also have different sporting activities like what the Hon. Senators who spoke before me highlighted, that we also have the Paralympics.  It is another important area that needs to be prioritised by the Government so that we can improve our sporting activities as a nation.  I thank Hon. Sen. Chimbudzi for taking into consideration issues to do with sport and encouraging every citizen of Zimbabwe to take sporting activities into serious consideration.  So many people have improved their life styles through, soccer like Peter Ndlovu, Madinda Ndlovu and many others.  Right now, we have our Mighty Warriors; we thank our Government for giving the girl child an opportunity just like what their male counterparts do.

As an individual, I feel that there has to be a certain percentage that has to be deducted from our earnings as a way of supporting the sporting activities that we have in our country.  It is a disgrace to say that the National team was not able to travel because of lack of finances.

Madam President, I wanted to add my voice on this issue and also encourage each and every one of us to support this motion so that the issue of sports can raise our National Flag high.

*HON. SEN. MACHINGAIFA: Thank you Madam President for

giving me this opportunity to contribute on this motion before the House; a motion which was brought in by Hon. Sen. Chimbudzi and seconded by Hon. Sen. Mumvuri.  It is a very important motion; it is there for us as the people of Zimbabwe to be self driven in sporting activities so that we can see how we can improve on sports for it to develop.

I will talk about what I saw when I was growing up and what is obtaining now Madam President.  Sports in this country wants us as a people to plan properly because sports is like a dam which has to feed water into all catchments.  So, sporting activities should be supported and it will develop.  Although those who are engaging in sporting are not getting anything from the Government, even when I was growing up, when I used to play around with those plastic balls, we used to pretend to be Peter Nyama, George Shaya, James Khumalo, Chieza, the likes of

DD and some stadiums like Gwanzura and Rufaro.  At that time Madam President, the country was stable, we could see companies that were interested in sporting activities that would accompany national teams wherever they would go.  This motion was raised because the Mighty Warriors of Zimbabwe, when they wanted to go out of the country, they were told there were no resources.  The warriors also tried to do the same, again it was the same story that there were no resources.  When games are played, the stadia will be full of people but the footballer does not get enough money.  The administrators are the ones who get more money and that destroys the motivation of the players.

Long ago, those who were playing for the country generally came from Chamber of Mines; those were the times of John Madzima and Chirwa as administrators.  Also during that time, the likes of John Nxumalo would go around doing road shows with tobacco companies, putting on their football teams’ regalia.  When these companies were functional, the Government was not facing any problems.  These sportspersons would come from their companies and their companies would support them.  When they played for the national team, they were not after money because they would be working somewhere.  Right now, that is not the case, they only play football for survival.  You will see that even our media do not talk about our local teams only.  Every day they talk of Manchester City, Manchester United, Chelsea, Arsenal and all those English soccer teams.  They do not talk of the likes of Harare

City, Dynamos, Highlanders and the like.

Madam President, football was played in this country; sport needs to be planned for.  If you look at those who are trained in the medical field, they make sure that there is a mortuary in place at a hospital because they know death is certain.  If you go at places of n’angas and prophets, there are no mortuaries because they think that they can stop death.  That is wrong planning.  Those people in ZIFA, do they know the risk of football in the country?

HON. PRESIDENT OF THE SENATE: Order, order!  I think

we all have copies of the motion under discussion.  It is not in our motion to be chronological.  Please stick to the motion.

*HON. SEN. MACHINGAIFA:  Thank you Madam President

for your guidance.  I am driven because sporting is there to create jobs.

Those who will be in sport should have work and live sustainable lives.  When the youngsters see that they will emulate them and they would want to play sport.  Those who are ferocious should not fight in the streets, but go into boxing and the like.  Thank you Madam President.

HON. PRESIDENT OF THE SENATE: There is an element that

is being left out, that of sanctions - [Laughter]-

    HON. SEN. MAVHUNGA: Thank you Madam President for

giving me this opportunity to add my voice on this motion which was moved by Hon. Senator Chimbudzi and seconded by Hon. Senator

Mumvuri.  It is true sports are important and they should be developed.  I would like to start by thanking our Government for the development of sport.  There is a Ministry which deals with the promotion of sports.  We also have a Sports Council which is in charge of those sports.

Sports unite people. We see that when we are at a stadium no one thinks of where he comes from or which party he belongs to.  All of us will be concentrating on the game, encouraging our national team to win.  Sports help us in our ordinary lives, some get jobs as sports administrators, players, coaches and some as ground attendants.  The pleasure of sports also gives us physical health.  The food we eat these days makes us fat and we are prone to many diseases.  If you work out and do some sporting activities, you will be fit.

There are sporting activities, if you cannot play football, you can play golf, even darts.  That will give you time to while up your time.  The problem that we face is we always keep our minds busy with problems.  Sports also make us to be equal, both men and women become one.  If you go into soccer, you will find the mighty warriors excelling.  If you go to darts, you will find women.  That will give equal opportunities to both sexes.

I would like to second what Senator Chimbudzi said that we should put in place laws that promote activities of the Sport Council to be properly managed.  We also need to have a stadium in all districts.  We should not only watch football in Harare.  We should find a stadium in Dotito and teams from other places should also come to such stadia.  Local authorities should leave portions of sporting activities.  Even in locations there are some open space left where children play football.  We used to play plastic balls as well but today the plans are no longer accommodating that.  Children should occupy themselves playing with those plastic balls, so our plans for cities and growth points should accommodate that.  We should also have resources for sports activities.  If we do not do that individuals will end up having something to do with sporting activities and they will do as they want because they are donating their own money.  If the country has resources for developing sporting activities, we will not fail in that venture.

We want as well to encourage parents to remove that spirit that if a child is engaged in sporting activities, he is no longer interested in academics.  Most parents say children should be academic but a child should be engaged in sporting activities as well.  Parents should support children so that they are engaged in sporting activities.  I would like to conclude by saying all senators should have their own sporting activities.

On Tuesday, I will start playing golf.  With those few words I thank you.

*HON. SEN. CHIFAMBA:  Thank you Madam President for

giving me this opportunity to add my voice on the motion which was raised by Hon. Sen. Chimbudzi and seconded by Hon. Sen. Mumvuri.  We thank them for that motion.  Sporting activities help a lot in a person’s life.  If a person is engaged in sport professionally, he will be able to raise some monies to sustain life and it makes one physically fit.  People just wake up and sit and as a result their bodies end up being susceptible to various diseases.  Sport is important for health and physical well-being.

Sports should be encouraged, starting from primary level up to university.  You find that there are some students at university and are not given the opportunity to engage in sporting activities.  They should be encouraged to engage in sporting.  I would like to thank the senator who said that parents should be engaged so that they identify natural talents in their children.

There are three children in my family.  You find one child saying what can I engage in so that I can realise a lot of money.  Can I be a

Chief Executive Officer or a doctor?  The other one asks what sport can I engage in so that I can sustain my life?  We had a problem with the parents because they delayed in identifying the child’s talent.  The child is talented in sport and is able to watch somebody dancing and after the dance the child imitates the dancer very well.  However, the parent suppressed this child for a long time.  The child told the mother that he is not academically gifted and if he is denied the opportunity to engage in sporting activities, there is nothing that he can do.

The third one said I can only manage to dance.  It does not mean academics only can make me sustain my life.  The child requested to come to Harare for dancing lessons but the parents said they did not have the money to pay fees.  You find that it is the only talent that the child has.  The child moves around dancing at weddings to entertain people.  That child should be encouraged.  We see a lot of children on television who have dancing talents.  Let us encourage children to engage themselves in various sporting activities.  The nation as well should be engaged in sporting activities to support the children because the children will raise the flag of Zimbabwe high through sporting activities they engage in.

I am happy there is a girl child who was engaged in body building and I did not know that girls can also be engaged in such sports.  That child was engaged in that sport in South Africa and represented Zimbabwe.  I was of the view that such a sport was for men only.  Our girl children are now aware that they can engage in various sporting activities of their choice.  You find that even other parents are now open to the view that children should be left to engage in sporting activities of their choice.  Each and every child has his or her own talent.  They are not all the same.  There is a boy who said if you think that I can only progress through academics, I am going to sit here and you shall fend for me for the rest of my life.  The boy requested for money to go to Harare for training.  So, parents should be encouraged to help in the development of sports.

On the issue of golf that was mentioned here, I do not even know how to hold the golf club but I was urged to go and train.  All of us women, let us go and be trained so that we can be entertained.  Instead of continuing thinking of our problems at home, we can get rid of blood pressure problems.  We spend most of our times going for BP check-ups so let us engage in sporting and forget our domestic problems at all.  Let us engage ourselves in sporting activities.  Those who are like me should go to play golf where you do not have to exert yourselves physically.

Thank you Mr. President.           

*HON. SEN. MANYERUKE:  Thank you Mr. President for

giving me this opportunity to contribute towards the debate which was raised by Hon. Sen. Chimbudzi and seconded by Hon. Sen. Mumvuri.  It is very important to have sporting activities at constituency level even in remote areas.  The sportsman Gwekwerere is from Muzarabani.  He came to Harare, played football and he excelled.  It is something that we did not know how it can be done.  We are urging the Government that the coaches should not pick children from Harare only but from all constituencies in Zimbabwe.  If you would audit those engaging in sporting activities, you would find that we have children who can excel in sporting activities such as soccer, basketball, athletes, et cetera in our constituencies.  We have athletes; our children can run after an elephant and catch it.  Sporting activities help reduce the rate of crime and provide entertainment.  When there is a football match, people are entertained.

As elders and parents, we should also be engaged in sporting activities.  Our Parliament team went to Zambia and Hon. Sen. Chief Charumbira was the goal keeper for that team.  We should allow our bodies to engage in sporting activities.  It is important for us to engage in sporting activities.  We should have resources so that we can continue with these sporting activities.  I thank you Mr. President Sir.

HON. SEN. MAKONE:  Thank you Mr. President Sir.  I rise in support of the motion raised by Hon. Sen. Chimbudzi and seconded by Hon. Sen. Mumvuri.  Mr. President, I call upon Government to support the Sports Council of Zimbabwe to raise awareness but I just want to differ slightly, and say that this is the responsibility of everyone not just Government.

The sports bodies should also make it their business to go into areas where people are disadvantaged like the townships, growth points and rural areas promoting the kind of sports that they are into, for example rugby, cricket, football and so on.  It should not just be about football only but all the different sporting disciplines because there are so many children who are gifted in some of these sports.  These children are not even aware that they have a gift but once they are exposed to those sports, they might actually be found to be among the top in the world.  So, it is very, very important that children be exposed not just by Government but maybe, Government can provide incentives to the different sports bodies to encourage them to go countrywide and scout around for different talents.

Mr. President, this is not happening in this country but I can assure you in South Africa, children there are no longer just playing football but are also into rugby in a very big way.  They are also into cricket and swimming.  It is because the different Sports Councils are actually making it their business to do so.  Government has got enough on its plate.  As we all know, there is no money around but if tax incentives and other incentives are given to the different sporting disciplines, this might happen.  I thank you Mr. President – [HON. SENATORS: Hear, hear.] –

*HON. SEN. MASHAVAKURE:  Thank you Mr. President for

giving me this opportunity to contribute towards this motion which was moved by Senator Chimbudzi and seconded by Senator Mumvuri.  It is a pertinent motion.  It actually looks at all aspects of our lives.  Others think that life is about academics – no, we know that in many countries, many people even those who are not academic engage in other activities.  I believe that even when we are looking at psychomotor activities, we should also look at how hands and legs work in sporting activities.  We must also make instruments that are used in the sporting arenas, for example the uniforms that are put on by the sports persons.  This means if we look at all things that I have mentioned, we can create employment by making uniforms, instruments or even stadia.  We can get people who maintain those stadia so that everything goes well.  That is another step that we can take to create employment for ourselves and other generations to come because people always want to exercise and engage in their sporting activities and to raise money through professional sportsmanship.   If a person does well in sports, things will go well financially.

Mr. President, this is a good thing which supports ourselves and Government.  Private companies used to sponsor sports activities.  Even some of the things that used to exist; of late, they were aligned to certain companies, for example Rio Tinto and Chibuku.  These companies used to support sports activities thereby creating employment.  I am of the view that even at schools, universities and colleges, there should be proper policies to encourage sporting activities.

Mr. President, if possible, sports should be studied.  Even in some other departments where I have been, there are some departments for sports at university level, be it at undergraduate, Masters or PhD and even in music, they have degrees for that.  We can create our own instruments here.  We can start from the lower level and end up excelling technically.  We are then able to develop as a country and our children are able to move on.  Our universities should have departments involved in sports not to concentrate on academics only.    There are a lot of things that can be done.

I want to thank the Government that has managed from independence to promote sports for the disabled.  I remember there were sports activities that took place on the 3rd October, 2015 at Danhiko.   We actually witnessed that there are a lot of things that the disabled can engage themselves in.  People are disabled in various – ways some legs, hands and eyes.  The disabled can engage in various sporting activities and our Government supports such activities.  Sports associations should promote the disabled into the mainstream sporting or training programmes.  There is wheelchair tennis and wheelchair golf. All things are possible, we are grateful, our Government has played its part.

Some of the people are now in the private sector.  Even in nongovernmental organisations, they will continue to support sporting activities.  This weekend you can come to ZIMCARE Sport Day and witness for yourselves what happens with some of those people.  Go and see what happens, it is good.  Our Government promotes such sections of our societies to excel in sporting activities. I thank you Mr. President.        +HON. SEN. A. SIBANDA:  Thank you Mr. President.  I want to add my voice on the motion that was raised by Hon. Sen. Chimbudzi and the seconder Hon. Sen. Mumvuri.  I want to thank the mover of the motion because in Zimbabwe sport is one of the things that we really prioritise.  We know that we have different people who are participating in different sporting activities.

I want to say that all the sporting activities combine people and most of  them when they are watching soccer, they forget about their troubles or burdens and it takes away even partisanship among the people  will be watching the sporting activities.  We realise that so many people unite as a family when they are watching any of the sporting activities.

         I will dwell much on soccer and I would like to ask that we take note that when we are playing soccer we do not need to start a war or start quarrels, especially against the losing team. This is done mostly by the supporters and we realise that even those who will be playing, even the losing team will be able to shake hands with their opponents.  

Our wish as a nation is that if only sports could be prioritized especially in our country. We were so embarrassed when we heard that our national team was not able to participate in the qualifying games of the World Cup because of unpaid subscriptions. Yes, this was because of corruption. I cannot blame Government for that but the leaders of all the sporting activities, I remember I said I will dwell much on soccer. There is so much corruption especially when it comes to soccer. Our leaders take advantage because they know that there is more of an income that comes from soccer. Maybe, it is Government to blame in that they allocate too much funds to soccer and at the end, the leaders benefit from that. We have seen that in our country, there is what they call match fixing whereby a certain team will be sent to go and play in another country and they would be paid to lose matches in that country. We realise that the issue of match fixing happens and we have seen this in so many different countries.

I am urging each and every one of us to work hand in hand with the Government in promoting sports. This should be done starting from home whereby we encourage our children to also participate in all the sporting activities. I remember years back, there was a child who used to participate in athletics and when she was asked to come to participate in athletics in Harare, when she was asked to come and train in Harare, the parents refused and said there was no way she could take sport as a way of a life style because they wanted her to become a teacher.

One thing that we are doing as parents is actually discouraging our children not to participate or to take sport as a way of living. Also, even when a child is trying to become a musician, most of the parents will discourage the child and say musicians fail to have an orderly in life.

But, we have people like Lovemore Majaivana and Jim Reeves whom even today when you play their songs, everyone still listens to them.

Therefore, sport is one of the things that is so important in one’s life and I am urging the parents to take into consideration that it is not all the children who are academically gifted. Some of them can be gifted in sports and music, so we should encourage rather than discourage them.

In schools some of the teachers notice that a certain child is gifted in sports, for example Volley Ball but they face challenges from parents who do not support that. We realise that because of sports, you can travel to countries like United States of America or Russia. We have some children who excelled well, some of whom were in Standard 6 and others in Form 4. They have improved their life styles through sports.  If they had not taken sports seriously and concentrated in trying to improve their life style through academics whilst they are not gifted in that, their lives would have been different.

Taking into consideration countries like South Africa, they have programmes, one of which is called ‘South Africa Has Talent’ whereby they bring in different people to showcase their singing talents. We realised that some few weeks back, there was a child who was 4 years old who excelled and was the winner of that programme. The child was playing drums, was given an award and got a scholarship before she even got to Grade Zero.

Therefore, sport is one thing that is so important in our country.

We have seen it even in 2014.  In South Africa, we realise that all the

South Africans united and worked together in trying to prepare for the World Cup. If only in our country we could do the same working hand in glove with the Government, not only when it comes to soccer but in all the other sporting activities.

If I had grown up in such times like this, I know I would be one of those counted among the Mighty Warriors. I used to play women’s soccer and I know I was good in that. However, all that I can do for now is to support our Mighty Warriors. I used to play with the boys and as a girl; I used to do so well.

We have seen that when we have different sporting activities especially World Games, sports like High Jump or Javelin; those are also part of the sporting activities that we should take into consideration as a country. If in a country we have people who play sports so well, we realise that it brings unity in the country. When we had the ‘Dream Team’, as Zimbabweans we used to boast about our country and people loved to watch that team playing soccer.

It is a disgrace when we have our national team failing to travel because of lack of finances. I urge the Government to seriously look into the issue. Now, we have the Minister of Sports who is young and energetic. I believe that he is going to uplift the Ministry so that everything that happens in that Ministry will be done well.

I also urge the Minister not to concentrate on soccer only but even those who are able to showcase their talents through dances like Jerusalem or playing the drums like the drums that are played just before we have our news should be given a chance to do so. Yes, that is part of the sporting activities that we have in our country. All the sporting activities that were not prioritised in our country, I would like to urge our Minister to really try and uplift all of them.

Mr. President Sir, my wish is that before we conclude this motion, if only we could have all the Ministers here especially the Minister of

Sports so that he would take our views on this issue of sports and present to Cabinet. Our wish as Members of Parliament is that, if only all the sporting activities could be prioritised and revived in our country so that our Zimbabwean flag could be lifted high.  We also take into consideration that sports unite people.  It is our wish again as women that we could come up with a netball team.  I believe after this, we will go and form a team of such elderly people who would be part of the netball team of Parliamentarians.  We could keep our bodies fit.  I thank you.

HON. SEN. CHIEF CHARUMBIRA: Mr. President, I move that the debate be now adjourned.


Motion put and agreed to.

Debate to resume:  Thursday, 19th November, 2015.



         Third Order read: Adjourned debate on motion in reply to the Presidential Speech.

Question again proposed.

*HON. SEN. MANYERUKE: Thank you Mr. President for

giving me this opportunity to contribute to what His Excellency

President R. G. Mugabe said here.  This motion was moved by Hon. Sen. Tawengwa and his seconder.  The presentation by His Excellency who is the Commander-in-Chief of the Zimbabwe National Army took his time to capture what we think and what we are in this House, in Parliament.  I would like to thank as well those who witnessed him deliver his speech through the television.

The President gave us guidance on what was going to be tabled in this House, various Bills in need of amendment.  He encouraged us as leaders.  Some Bills pertaining to rural and urban councils, education, health, welfare of war collaborators and war veterans will be brought before us.  He encouraged us to continue being united as Members of the august House so that the country can be stable and peaceful.  He said

that as leaders, we should be united so that there is stability and peace in the country. Such sentiments are important to me and to us all.

The President wants us to develop the country and to speak in one voice as one people and one nation.  Such sentiments make our country to move on.  As members of this nation, we should speak with one voice and move in one direction so that the country develops.

The President raised issues on mines.  Yesterday on the television, we saw the Vice President receiving some machinery for mining.  Those in the mining sector will do well and make a lot of money. The machines are now here and we saw them. We thank our leader because he says what ends up happening. He tries at all levels to befriend those countries that could help us so that we can develop, particularly those areas we are now deteriorating.  When the country develops, our flag is raised high and we progress as a black people.

The President also spoke on the land.  I would like to believe that in Muzarabani, we are already cultivating our tobacco.  When the rains come, we will apply fertilizer.  Our maize crop has already geminated.

We have received maize seed and fertilizer.  Widows and child headed families were also helped.  Our President is important particularly to our constituency, we are happy with what our leader is doing for us. I am happy that the President is always thinking of his people, all the people in the country so that people understand that the President is there.  With those few words, I would like to thank the President of the country.

Thank you.

+HON. SEN. D. T. KHUMALO: I want to add my voice on the motion that was brought by one of the Members in this House concerning the Presidential Speech.  The President highlighted on the issue of Bills that were supposed to be aligned to the Constitution, for example, on education, roads infrastructure and then on health.

I would like to say that this should be done properly. The Bills should be aligned properly.  We should have laws for example, for those who want to start business so that they can be given extension of getting visas earlier and also the ease of doing business so that people do not face challenges in trying to do business.  We have seen this happening, for example, ZISCO Steel failed to open their company.  This is because of the long procedures that are there in trying to do business.  I also want to add that if people agree that they want to start a business, if only we can have laws or a court that would look into business only so that issues to do with business would not be taken into general courts because it takes a long time.  For example, if there is a breach of contract between the business partners, if we could have a specific court that looks into issues to do with business, be it a Zimbabwean or a foreigner, if only we can have a specific court that deals with such issues.  Our President also highlighted on the issue of education where he said the 2006 Education

Act, should be amended so that it is in line with the new Constitution.  We are happy, especially some of us who went to school way back where we were taught on practical things for example, knitting, cooking, manufacturing  of refrigerators, as a mother, how to repair your refrigerator when it is not working and fixing sink drainage.  However, our children of today cannot even fix a blocked drainage.

One thing that troubles me Mr. President, is that why should we have a Ministry of State for Liaising on Psychomotor Activities in Education when we do not have enough finances.  This can be combined with the Ministry of Higher and Tertiary Education and it also adds the burden of paying our civil servants.  Most of the time, we realise that Ministries are created so that we accommodate our friends and you would find that those who are in high positions are being paid a lot of money.  Therefore, I urge the Government not to create so many Ministries.

The President also highlighted on the issue of aligning Bills to the Constitution.  There are times when the Government say there is no enough money to pay civil servants but you find that in one Ministry, there are a lot of positions such as directors, deputy directors, principals and so many others.  If that money that is used to pay all those workers can be diverted, the expenditure on the wage bill can be cut. I once heard one of the Chiefs in our Portfolio Committee where people were being told to grow tobacco saying that if people could have devolution of powers and are able to cater for their needs in their community, they will be able to do their farming well.

Another issue that was touched by His Excellency, the President is to do with Public Health.  The Bill on Public Health will touch on issues to do with cancer, high blood pressure and sugar diabetes.  Those diseases can be cured or prevented through the food stuffs that we take.

His Excellency, also highlighted that we look into food and nutrition.  What he highlighted only dwelt much on health and not food.  What causes many diseases is the type of food that we take. We might have enough food but fail to take it in a proper way; hence at the end, we will get chronic diseases like diabetes, cancer and high blood pressure.  People should be taught what to eat, at what time and how much intake; it will reduce all these diseases.  There are also issues to do with cancer; again people should be taught on what type of food to take in order to reduce the level of cancer patients in this country.  The nation should be taught on how to have a balanced diet. You will realise that when we came from our rural homes, we were so slim but because of lack of knowledge on nutrition, most of us have much intake of sadza and too much meat which causes some of these diseases.  However, when we go back to our rural areas, our folks will think that we are having a good living in town whilst we would have destroyed our health.  Some of us add too much salt and claim that it helps in keeping your body fit yet it is one of the causes of high blood pressure.  All this is as a result of lack of knowledge on balanced diet.  People should be taught on how to avoid diabetes, cancer and high blood pressure.  They should also be taught to eat lots of vegetables and fruits so as to keep their bodies healthy and avoid these diseases.

Again, on the issue of Public Health, the President highlighted on the issue of maternal health, the problem with maternal health is intake of improper foods.  Our young women, especially those who are still at reproductive age, there are issues of lack of iron when they are having their monthly menstrual cycles. They are not being taught how to take care of themselves.  As Senators, when addressing our rallies, we should highlight to our members that if you do not have enough in your home, as long as you have spinach or lemons, they can also help in improving your diet.  We should teach them that it is healthy to add lemon in their vegetables or meat especially those who are still at the reproductive ages.  When we talk about food and nutrition, we should not talk about carbohydrates only but touch on everything that touches on a well balanced diet.  We realise that in urban areas we have 30% of stunted growth whereby we have people who are not growing up well.  What can be done to avoid this?  It is an easy thing only if everyone who wants to contribute in this House could urge people in their communities to have a mixture of sugar beans and nuts to feed their children.  This will reduce too much of stunting in our country.

We should support our President when he is highlighting such issues and avoid talking about issues to do with maize only.  Our young children should be given the mixture of sugar beans and nuts.  We should teach the young mothers that a proper meal for a young child should be four times a day.  As Members of Parliament we have opportunities to talk to people.  We realise that many people highlighted that there is 27% of malnutrition.  I know that all the Members of Parliament can do better when they take into consideration that when they are addressing people in their Constituencies they also encourage them to feed their children four times a day.

There is an issue to do with gender equality.  I want to add my voice by looking at the boards that we have in our country. We have

GMB, there are 10 members.  Out of the 10, we only have two women.  ZIMRA, we have nine members and only two are women.  POSB, there are seven and only one woman.  REA, there are 10 directors and out of that there are only four women.  At NSSA there is only one man.  The Judiciary Services Commission, they are 10 and out of that there are only two women.  Therefore, there is no gender equality whilst we agreed that after passing our Constitution, we should uplift gender equality.  I urge that those who are looking into such issues should also look into the issue of gender equality.

In conclusion, I would like to touch on the issue of corruption in general terms.  We have an issue for example of ZIFA, whereby when our soccer players are going for their games they want to be catered for in a way that satisfies them.  As Members of Parliament we should look into this issue and make it a point that those who are asked to be part of the boards are people who really have proper qualifications.  I thank you.


MUTSVANGWA): I move that the debate do now adjourn.

Motion put and agreed to.

Debate to resume: Thursday, 19th November, 2015.


(HON. SEN. MUTSVANGWA), the Senate adjourned at Four Minutes to Four o’clock p.m.

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