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Thursday, 27th June, 2013

The Senate met at Half-past Two O’clock p.m.


(MADAM PRESIDENT in the Chair)



MADAM PRESIDENT:  May I remind hon. senators to switch

off their cellphones before commencement of business.



MADAM PRESIDENT:  May I take this opportunity to wish you well in your future endeavours and to always put Zimbabwe first before anything else?  May God bless you?  There is no business.

       *SENATOR CHIEF CHARUMBIRA: Oh! we are going?  We

want to thank you also for the good leadership for all these years.  I know it is not on the Order Paper but as the last day, Chiefs do not have Order Papers they just talk.  I want to be honest with you; I think it is worthy saying a few words of gratitude to you.

We started off on a very acrimonious, hostile environment after the 2008 elections and the key was leadership during the sittings.  You showed good leadership and now we end as one family; certainly we could see that women were now as women whichever party uniting and there are the men united, everybody united.  I think we wish you also well in your good leadership.  Can I say, a bit of caution in politics, just to say the sky is the limit for you Madam President.  You have done very well in that Chair and we wish you the best.  Even the Ministers; I know most could not come to this Senate for questions or any proceedings but I want to thank Minister Holland; she is one of those who attended consistently whenever you are around.  I appreciate your dedication to duty.  Minister Murerwa, I know you had a stint where you were not feeling well but each time you were in good health, you were with us and we wish you better health in the future.  Hon. senators, I have to say thank you to Madzimambo for playing their role properly, all the time.  Thank you very much.

*SENATOR FEMAI:   I want to thank Madam President on the way she handled that position with authority because each time you turned around, it reminded us that we have respectable people.  We want to thank you for the way you handled these politicians and for the unity.  I also want to thank the Chief Whips.  They did well and they were united and for that reason we were one family.

I wish that as we go, if I knew where she stays, I would actually take my grandchildren to her place for them to get some traditional values because she is someone who is respectable, someone with honour.  She never took sides but she looked at the law as it is.  I want to thank you Madam President for that.  That pleased us and she was able to bring us back to our senses.  When you said ‘order!’, we all listened to you which shows that your leadership was good.  We wish you many more years and we wish you to come back and be the presiding officer again.  I think I would be the first one to vote for you if you come back and if I happen to come back, definitely I will vote for you.  I thank you so much.


RESETTLEMENT:  Madam President, I would also want to take this opportunity to thank you very much for the way you have chaired this Senate over the last couple of years.  You have chaired it with great honour and dignity and you have provided the much needed leadership, especially when times were difficult and the situation was tense.  You were able to move us forward.

I would also like to thank this hon. Senate for playing a constructive role in the oversight of Government business and also providing the much needed unity in the Senate.  As an upper House the discussion in this Senate was always constructive and not as partisan as we feared it might be.  This showed us that as Zimbabweans, when we are united and focused, we can work together.  This Senate was able to show this example and I would like to thank you Madam President for your leadership.

Madam President, with those few words, I would like to move that the Senate do now adjourn.

The Senate accordingly adjourned at Quarter to Three o’clock p.m.



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