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 ChinDube J.   FemMembers__________________________BidiAbsentPRAYERSNo. 19 Theinha M.  ete A231 4arORDERS OF THE tsa E.  dukugwederebmombe.   ndobukaka3.AdjoThe PrPresibudziVOTES AND PROCEEDINGS OF THE SENATE ChiefgrikirmasaG.AdjournFURTHER CThat this House calls upon NOW, THEREFORE, ROn  Question proposed:  Adjourned biA.   MAKESMayWe A.S.  GJacob Hungwe clothing induAdjourned debatQuesPension funds in order to alleviate the plight of pensioners after retirement-  untThat this House calls upoT.   ChiefPK.vernment policwitresiden  aule B.   olland S.M.  jour,n TINGNCERNED WITH lpP. .A.A.mpu Chief IV,heFtu O. wChitanga ChiefArned Pr2009J. l tomnt ofheChiefi M.. E. sheTuesdgRabwemoStion proposed:leavh thisfsendC. pleasmentMembersnd 12F.ag that ZimbabweaM. the vardebat–oionebtheproposagain tofdebate on mTheZ.rrtiThetaking thisCONCERNEcompile a regisstand beg FIRSTinG.Meveys follthf pportunity tote AprJ.D.  n of w. S y May 2009Zthetry (9propoofE.   Min cy aimed at tapping and harnessing the expertise and resources thGnatePARLIAMENT  proposous mbabwonfDAYADVANnhe Minisu,teesocio-economic as wthe 100-DJutSenad:of on 2009mAdjourned 1vernows: - That tZIMBABWESESSyomoelster   stThaParliTUTenipled:MavmottionminuteopPrthe ateg2009__iothe Musarurwa Chi Mumvuri D.D. E.   Mohadi T.B.    diofESOLVES; portunity to express itION –his House-oninfo_________________nseCE COPY matic missions of ZimbabwThatame: D_________________n  Government to inttheion on the operatio The Govealotshwatingwende Tabambo L.to  call upoSDAY 16xcfoeshane abses follows: - The Min in reply ttrumahokochdzingwa T. ThaChair.n rtedJustertrenducally ha. by thelivingon Zimbabweans luthu Tyofrall-inclusive Govhwa R.  spectful addreffer tof allManicalandmedlencyPlthofbyplora hstNcube S.  Komichif E. M. MuzerKhMakunde T.    ofJusOF SEVENTHce ofa rChi April,S.thresJusticntyamaenza our re12heinapparentHousAZimbabwe, a  malohula R. R.   Chief icofZimbabweans living ihe HR.  TH -fthe Presidall Zimbaness the expertise of Zimbabweans pstvethe diaspS.D n  UNCOROd Legal Affairs) angwa T. S. thGove JUNE2009o’clock p.m untiland Lctful adM.MAY 2concrell r Drplaypectful thanks forPre Pres-f )rs .d –Ther[JuPAlac L.KSepolnTiLMfd and continue to play by sRECTED  gVdbweans l2009oent:  __________________________ervene in the operations of s apprec of Pension Funds in the natoiving in thethmedesi____k of a holistic009RLIAMENTal Affairs: e preseticeentgal programmertical rnt nment to formulatential Governor hossar Selapsed:al onAff  and Legal Affairs)sbeHalf Spto express capable of posaa haS13in the countries where construction of  pving iation for thandted t  irs:PrTthesenpastthechTchdiasporaMaythe6the dsWest) sday 16Debof ace Sy wer hours 14 or Manicalandand(dE.the(At the diaspora [speech,Nyamukoho ChiefSekeramayi Zvidzai S. Ntabeni Chief MRimbi J. M. Sakupwanya S. U.   A Day elapsed: 1]ndj2009dlovucuebiMadzodjournonurs of Presidentspora. ue Wti Chief Ws’clock p.m.thloyathe a crole thattivn ,  June djned 12ematic he Senatewhich nd itedtN. ncrete iurnly iving gwy to 1ustofS.T. th es)o d43K     

Chisunga Chief D. F.C. (a Public LauncMay 2009AprliasZimbabweans living in the diascontributing to theand strategic polgAdjournedaZim

               Kabayanjiri O.                                                             Nembire Chief C.NShana Chief N.Z.J., .K. 

Rain2009they are presently residingZimbabwe by the all remitting moneyinof Zimbabweans living in the diaspora as part of the all-inclusive Government’s youHon. Senator S.Ncube the di ow Towhave bt spora. halfen pleased to adpast twand other resources to their familit 0930 hours. nclusive gov o’clock to enren the afble a register of diasporans to bs to Parlirnment. ernoon  ment- The Minister of Defence s and relatives in Sibanda Ngu complied. gumbane A. efforts to resuscitate the country’s economy –Zimbabwe.  Hon. Senator Gutu.Chief Z.N.M Sinampande H.M.

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